Handling Tween Romance

Posted on Feb 11, 2013 by 2 Comments
Handling Tween Romance

You know it’s going to happen eventually, right?

That cute baby will grow up to be an adolescent. All of those body changes and emotional ups and downs? You’ll feel them as much as your child.

The one thing about this season of life that most parents really aren’t looking forward to is that first boyfriend or girlfriend.

I am dreading it. My kids just started school at a nearby charter school. They have been homeschooled all their lives, so it is a big change for all of us. However, since I have a 17 year old and a 14 year old, I am relatively sure that I will be dealing with romance here soon.

I have been thinking about what the rules are going to be and how it should be handled from my end.

Balance is the most important thing. I remember in my own adolescence that once kids paired up, they often became inclusive and other friendships fell away. I think that is dangerous.

It’s so easy for kids of this age to get completely enraptured by one thing, whether that one thing is a boy, a soccer ball, or a clarinet. It’s important to stress the need for them to maintain other relationships and activities.

Obviously any “dating” will be done as part of a group. Phone calls will be limited. Obviously a more intense discussion about sexual activity is in order.

So, I guess I’ll see what happens. Do you have any words of advice for surviving tween romance?

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  • Julie C.

    How are you going to stop them from texting? No phones? Let us know how it goes, I have a child entering high school soon and I know his heart is gonna get broken one day.

  • New Mom

    Maybe this blog should be re-named modern teen.Where are the articles on babies?