Great Green, Vintage Ideas For Your Home with Greenhouse Design Studio

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Great Green, Vintage Ideas For Your Home with Greenhouse Design Studio

Often, when I tell people that I’m in living in France, they spontaneously start to drool. Little spittle flies from their mouth as they think about the pain au chocolat, crepes, creme fraiche. I swear, I can hear it through the phone. Can you relate? My mouth is watering right now just thinking about a hot, buttered piece of fresh french bread. Mmmmm.

Inevitably, we talk about flea markets here, finding glorious vintage things like linens and silver for the table, sweet vases, or even arm chairs distressed just so. Only it is a serious undertaking not only to come to France but to bring something – anything – home to the US. Like an armchair. RIGHT!

Of course, there are cool vintage shops all over the States, but they take loads of time to peruse. While some might find the hunt akin to crack – just one more teeny weeny look, I promise it’ll be fast – some, like myself, glaze over and get bleary-eyed just imagining rifling through another person’s trash, just to find the treasure.

Enter Greenhouse Design Studio! Voila! A website that has culled from the pile to offer you the very best, or at least it looks like the very best.

I love the leather club chair they have (shown up top)! Oh, and the vintage typography chest, shown below:

How about the silverware service for 8 – very simple and elegant:

And, oh, oh, the old handblown glass olive oil jugs that they label wine jugs:

Having been to an ancient olive press here (there is one right in our town in France AND my husband’s cousins actually own one!?!) I’m pretty sure thee are actually olive oil jugs, not wine bottles. The light green glass! The big bulbous bottoms! God, I wish I could have that.

Want. Want. Want.

Anyway, Greenhouse Design Studio is more than a vintage/green web store. They have a cool blog for advice and they even have a roster of people you can call for house help. Like plumbers, carpenters, interior designers and the like IN YOUR AREA. I don’t know how they populate this feature, if there is a screening process or what, but it’s a cool idea regardless.

The only thing I should mention is the load time on the site is slow and some of the prices are pretty high. Maybe it’s my connection here, but it seems to me the pics take FOREVER to load, which tests one’s patience. But hang in there, because the look is worth it, even if just for a serious dose of inspiration.

Check em out.

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  • Laurie Furber

    Hi Kate,
    Thank you for the nice review of Greenhouse. We’re excited to hear you like it. Like your friends, we’re super jealous that you get to live in the homeland of some of our beautiful vintage products.
    We’re sorry the site is very slow. We’ve made some vast improvements on the speed since the launch, but will keep working on it. We want all our friends, no matter how far away, to spend their time admiring our pictures, not waiting for them to load.
    We love your site. Thanks for mentioning us, so we could be introduced to you.
    All the best, Laurie

  • Laurie Furber

    PS: we wanted to address your comment about the prices of our lovely products. As you said, there are some beautiful things out there, and there’s everything else.
    Rest assured, we’ve sorted through all of it to pull out what we think are the most special and beautiful.
    Combined with our incredibly personal service, and our donation to 1% for the Planet, our vintage products are a great deal.

  • Penny W.

    How come some else’s vintage stuff looks great, but mine just looks … old and used! LOL. This stuff is all very drool-worthy!

    I tend to buy new because I say my kids will give my chairs and tables the “distressed” look pretty fast! :) But seriously, it takes some talent and design skill to weave these lovely older pieces into your home’s decor and make it look fabulous. I wish I had that talent!

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    Oh, I love this style AND this site- thank you for the heads up! (So far I go antiquing when I can which also includes rummaging in my family’s attic!)


  • Living The Scream

    I love that vintage chest!! So amazingly neat. I don;t do a lot of thrift store shopping but if I could find stuff like that all of the time I would go more often!

  • Kate

    @Steph – love that idea of attic shopping! I should warn my mom the next time I go visit her.

  • Kate

    @Penny LOL! I know, there is a gulf between artfully distressed and just plain old old, right?

  • Nick

    Beauty is in the eye of the ‘holder’. It’s so strange. If I’m holding these things, it looks like junk. When they have it they some how make it look cool. Why can’t I do that?