Glolite Candles Add Romance to a Summer Night

Posted on May 2, 2011 by 3 Comments
Glolite Candles Add Romance to a Summer Night

Do you use candles in the summer? They are just lovely in the late evening glow, I think. So romantic and everyone looks better in the glow of candle light, right? Have you ever noticed how your skin just radiates when lit by a candle? Beautiful. I just stumbled on these candles that are utterly intriguing, if you like that glow. They are called GloLites and they glow from top to bottom when you light the wick.

How they do this I don’t know. But it sounds cool. Like a candle and a night light combined, I guess.

I won’t have the opportunity to try this out in person, so I don’t know if they look like normal candles or if they look fake while they glow. I hear they are mesmerizing.

I can’t think of many better ways to spend a summer evening then nuzzling up with my honey surrounded by a soft glow. Oh, the quiet alone time…just him and me…mmmm.

A little advice from my mom to you….the best arrangement for candles is in odd numbers and varied heights. When I was having a house warming party at my very first apartment (seems ages ago now) I was having trouble getting my place to look right. I had some candles out, but I was struggling with 4 candles and I couldn’t get them to look just so.

Then mom came over to help me prepare (gotta love mom!) and she took a candle away, arranged the 3 remaining ones and they looked right. Who knew? Some women have that special touch when it comes to house decor.

If you are interested, you can pick these up at Partylite for your next romantic evening. They come in 3 sizes, 3”x4” which is $14.95, 3”x5” for $16.95, and 3”x6” for $18.95. Personally, I’d probably choose all 3 given Mom’s advice. Their sea salt and driftwood scent sounds pretty great too!

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  • Ruby T.

    My husband is a sucker for a clean house and candles. If I can manage that, and keep the kids low-key when he walks through the door after work, he’s a happy camper! Of course, I feel a bit like June Cleaver, and I kind of hate housework. :)

  • Henny Ort

    Funny but i love housework. Oh, all right, i take that back. but when i finaly washed that toilet and floor, got my wits together and even shined the back splash, there is nothing as rewarding. besides, of course, a night at the candle light.

  • Michele

    I need a PartyLite Consultant for an event in Parma, Ohio
    How in the world do I find one????