Get Rejected On Purpose

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Get Rejected On Purpose

If you get all squirrelly when you think someone is about to reject you, then listen up. There is a silly game you can play to teach yourself to get over it. Think of is as self-help, but guided. It’s called Rejection Therapy and it might just be the thing to start your year off on the right (or wrong!) track.

Basically, you put yourself in all sorts of situations where you invite people to reject you, and when they do, you supposedly feel the sting a little less each time. You can even buy a deck of cards (like the cards in Monopoly that tell you to go to Park Place and pay double rent) and follow the directions, but you don’t have to. You can simply commit yourself to facing your fear head on, then put yourself out there.

I love this idea because it’s like taking the advice to do something that scares you once a day, but on steroids.

I don’t in fact do something each day that scares me, but I wish I did. Maybe my new year’s resolution should be to do just that. I don’t know…could be more interesting than finding a home to buy (which is currently what my resolution is – to stop all this looking and find a home).

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Of course, that is not a true new year’s resolution, whereas overcoming a fear of rejection is. Or doing something scary every day is.

Interesting…Here’s a story on a guy who is walking the rejection walk. Kind of inspiring, no?

So what fears rise to the surface for you and, can you stare them down this new year?

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