Four Survival Skills Kids Need to Know

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Four Survival Skills Kids Need to Know

According to the Allstate Insurance Blog, there are a minimum of four survival skills kids need to know. I read through them with interest because the survival skills I want my kids to know are basically things like how to get their homework done or their rooms cleaned before I kill them.

As I read through them, I realized that they really were important skills and I hadn’t thought to go over all of them with my kids. See what you think.

What to Do When Lost

It’s scary to be lost, and most kids will continue to walk around looking for the people they were with. This is true whether it they are lost in the woods or in the shopping mall.

Of course, they should stay where they are to make it easier to find them, not go with a stranger, and if they are at a mall or other crowded place, they need to look for a security guard, policeman, or even a cashier to help them.

How to Answer the Door

Does your child know how to handle people coming to the house, especially when you aren’t there? Usually it is best for them to ignore the person at the door.

If the person doesn’t go away, calling 911 is a good choice.

Medical Emergency

Calling 911 should be first on any child’s list of things to do in a medical emergency, but they also need to be able to recognize a medical emergency or the EMTs might arrive to find that the child has a skinned knee.


It’s important that your child know his address, phone number, and your cell phone number. According to Allstate, you should also play games that help him figure out where he is.

Memorizing license plates, surroundings, and other details could someday be important.

Do you have skills to add to the list?

Source: Allstate Blog 

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