Forever 21 Maternity Clothes

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It’s kinda strange that a shop that touts being “Forever 21″ would come out with a line of maternity clothes, but they did! They call it “Love 21 Maternity” and the line features the same stylish, inexpensive clothes as their non-preggo collection.

Unfortunately for me, I learned of Love 21 Maternity about a year too late. But, now that I know, I’m letting you know, so you I can live vicariously through your shopping spree.

If you’re pregnant or about to become pregnant, you have to have to have to check this out. While they don’t have the most styles to choose from, they make up for that with their ridiculously low prices.

Forever 21’s maternity shirts – like the one up top – are stylin’. While horizontal stripes may shout out, “hey, look how wide I am,” I think they work with a baby bump. Hell, I’ve even got a few horizontal striped shirts for my post baby self, wide body be damned.

I love these boot-cut jeans for $13!!! Sure, for this price the jeans might not last long, but you don’t need them to. Believe it or not, the pregnancy does end, so why pay a lot for pants you won’t need in a few months?

Hope you find some great looking clothes for your belly!

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  • http://love21maternity anita

    Sadly, like a Les Schwab commercial, this website fell flat when compared to Real Life. No jeans, No cute tops, just yoga pants and a few ug-ly polyester shirts. Nothing a young mom would run out and get. Boooooo.