Fit Mom’s “What’s Your Excuse” Generates Hate Mail

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What's Your Excuse

My kids are less than two years apart. I know firsthand that having young children can be a challenge to personal fitness. When I saw the firestorm created across social media over one mom’s Facebook profile picture this past week, it amazed me that it could stir up that much controversy.

Her name is Maria Kang and in the picture she posed with her three young boys who are three years and younger. The controversy? She is dressed in work out gear and she looks amazing. At the top of the photo she asked, “What’s your excuse?”

Kang happens to be a fitness blogger. The picture has generated hundreds of shares and comments, but some of those comments aren’t so nice. Instead of looking at the phrase as something to inspire others to do their best to be physically fit, they responded with insults by calling her a bully and saying she is “fat-shaming.”

Others have praised her efforts to stay fit, and I fall into that camp. I know it isn’t easy and I’m happy to see someone out there trying to help others achieve optimum fitness and health.

I wonder why the reaction is so strong? I sifted through the pics and posts on her Facebook page and she is a regular hard working mom who does her best to encourage others. She is just trying to help moms realize they don’t have lose themselves once they become moms.

She says, “You can still maintain a sense of self physically and professionally. If I can do it, you can do it.” So what’s wrong with that?

I could speculate things like people are jealous of her, but then I’d be in the same camp as those casting unkind remarks for no real reason. I for one want to say I’m proud of Maria Kang and wish her all the best.

Photo credits: Maria Kang-Casler

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    I really don’t understand why this is/was such a big deal. Maybe she didn’t really get that much hate mail but it sure has given her a LOT of publicity to say that she has.