Finger Painting with a Fun Twist

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Finger Painting with a Fun Twist

Do you remember the first time you finger painted? I do. I was probably around three and my mom had gotten me a finger painting set.

She stripped me down to my underwear and let me loose with the paints in the basement. I don’t think I did too badly. I managed to get more paint on my paper than on me.

Success by any definition, right?

The problem with finger paints is that they are messy. At least that is the problem for adults. It is actually really good for preschoolers to experience different textures and to be allowed to create with finger paint – until someone licks their fingers.

Just because it is non-toxic does not mean that it is appetizing.

Have you ever considered letting them finger paint with pudding or yogurt? The texture is very similar and licking your fingers is allowed – even encouraged! Kids like to play with their food anyway; you’ll just be considered the coolest mom ever for letting them do it.

Here’s how –

You’ll want to get a clean cookie sheet. That is going to be the surface where your child will express himself with the magic of pudding. Now, make a couple of batches of vanilla pudding and separate it into several small bowls. Color each a different color with food coloring.

Are we having fun yet?

Now let your child mix and create to his hearts content, lick his fingers, or paint his nose. It won’t matter because it isn’t some weird, non-toxic chemical goo.

How cool is that?

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