Finding a Special Occasion Maternity Dress

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Finding a Special Occasion Maternity Dress

When the wedding invitation came in the mail, the first thing I thought about is what I would wear. By the time of the wedding, I’d be almost 8 months pregnant, and my maternity wardrobe was limited to jeans, maternity yoga pants, and a number of shirts to mix and match.

With all the pictures taken at weddings, I started looking for trendy maternity dresses that wouldn’t make me feel like I was wearing a tent.

I was happy to find a number of special occasion maternity dresses, but as I started the process I quickly learned they aren’t all comfortable. I don’t know about you, but for me comfort is as important as the overall look. 

The second thing I looked for in my dress was a solid color. I figured it would be more attractive than stripes or a pattern. I wasn’t trying to hide my pregnancy, I just wanted to feel pretty.

I tried on a dark gray designer maternity dress that looked great with my eyes, but I just couldn’t swallow the price. After all, I would probably never wear it again.

I decided I wanted something with a little color and starting looking at dark plum, forest green, and a rich chocolate brown, each with a different neckline. I’d read that a flattering neckline would draw away from my girth.

Not sure how much that worked, but I went with the plum with ruched sides and a flutter sleeve which I wore off the shoulder. It wasn’t elegant but it was dressy and I actually felt sexy in it. 

Basically, I followed the same line of thinking I use when I’m not pregnant. I wanted to look good and yet feel comfortable. With the large selection of special occasion maternity dresses available today, if you take the time, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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  • Emily (CityBaby Living)

    Consider renting a dress for a 1x occasion! There are tons of sites online that you can rent maternity wear – I found that the stores around me were either extremely limited in their selection, or extremely expensive for something I was going to wear 1x.

  • se7en

    what a beautiful dress. Thanks for sharing…58eveningdress.