Fall For Reading

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Fall For Reading

Speaking of back to school, how bout you mamas and papas? What’s on your reading list? It’s easy to grab a good read for summer beach time, right, but what about when busy kicks back in or, as in my case, just gets busier. Tell me what you’re reading. Or if you’re reading.

I had the book Swamplandia in my hand yesterday. It’s was one of 3 finalists for the Pulitzer prize this year. Only it didn’t win. Well, to be fair no one did. The finalists, including Karen Russell’s Swamplandia, were Dennis Johnson’s Train Dreams and The Pale King by the David Foster Wallace (the late and the great). Apparently, and this is my interpretation, the books were so equally good that they couldn’t decide one or the other.

So no one won.

Which sucks because it makes it seem like none were worthy. But were they?

I wouldn’t know yet because I haven’t read them. Yet.

I’m just in the middle of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Being southern, it’s a lovely walk back through the way people lilt when they talk. I didn’t exactly grow up saying ‘I reckon’ or the N-word, which are rampant in the book, though.

But it is steeped in a world view that, while changing, isn’t fully evaporated, and re-imagining those times with present day compassion is good for the soul. Also, and this totally surprised me, reading this as my parent-self makes it a completely different story and when I read it as the coming-of-age-young-girl-self.

Aside from the New York Times best seller list, where do you find your inspiration? Facebook, it seems, is where I hear of many many books. Do your friends do that, poll everyone for what they are reading?

Fun to see what “face” people put on when they are recommending books: the serious intellectual, the soft-porn chick lit appreciator, the humorist, the political pundit. Typically I’m the Sherlock Holmes wanna be.

I’ve looked at popular book lists, a book-review list, the New York Times Best Seller list, and the book list online (which is put out by the American Library Association.)

Oh, and while I’m on to libraries, have you checked out your local library? Pretty cool. A friend of mine is photographing all of San Francisco’s libraries and each time she shares her photos, I can smell book binding paste and the air of turning pages.

As part of my effort to slow down and be present, I’m reading more. How about you?

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