Fads in Food: Summer Sliders

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Fads in Food: Summer Sliders

Summer is all about hanging at the beach, lounging by a pool or grilling out….or all of the above. When it’s heating up, you want to stay cool and have small bites throughout your day so sliders are the perfect way to make that happen.

What are sliders?

Sliders are small 1-2 bite sandwiches made up of varying ingredients.

Slider Staples

There are certain things that one needs to make great sliders on the fly – here’s my go-to list of supplies:

  • Ground beef, chicken or pulled pork. Target actually carries a burger pack in slider size – an easy go-to for the last minute BBQ.
  • Various veggies toppings to include: tomato, red onion, avocado, and lettuce.
  • Condiment option: barbecue sauce, ketchup, spicy mustards, horseradish based burger sauces (YUM!) or any interesting condiment I happen to find on a whim. Fresh Market is a fantastic place to find these little gems.
  • Cheese – pick up a variety pack of sliced cheese to meet the varied palettes of all.
  • King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls – this is a must. We do not use anything other than this brand of small rolls for our sliders. They are perfection.

Looking to Get Creative? 

When you’re having an extra festive get together for a holiday, birthday or office event – fancy sliders (yes, they are possible) are in order. So, I’ve hunted down a few for you.

You’re welcome.

For a lighter fare these Turkey and Hummus Sliders from Food Network sound fantastic and outside of your normal burger with cheese staple. It utilizes mini-pita pockets instead of buns to hold the hummus and feta goodness that tops the burger. Delish!

The Pioneer Woman never disappoints when it comes to beef, and these Spicy Whiskey BBQ sliders made from bison look like perfection. (I’m sure you could substitute traditional ground beef as well) Of course healthy doesn’t seem to be an accurate description, but when an indulgence is in order, who really cares?

Interested in a little seafood flair? This Cooking Light Tuna Tartare version with Wasabi Kick has my mouth watering…just sayin’. And this Southwest Crispy Chicken slider with homemade muffin bun is unique in it’s own right – I’m wondering how “light” either of these could be – but meh…everything in moderation, no?

Want to find even more fantastic recipes? Take a look at this round-up I put together over at Tip Junkie for 8 more Scrumptious Slider recipes. They’re pretty fantastic and come from real moms and bloggers who do this cooking thing for realz…meaning – you can do it, too.

So there you go, a comprehensive offering of sliders for your summer get togethers – from simple staples you should stock to the fancy fun versions when you’re hanging with friends for a celebration – either way, these bite sized palette pleasers are perfection for summer  – so pick out a recipe or three and enjoy!!

Which of these recipes sounds most appealing to you? What’s your favorite slider to make? 

Image: Ross Catrow

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