Easy Gift Wrap Alternatives

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Easy Gift Wrap Alternatives

I don’t know what stresses me out more about the holidays: shopping or wrapping gifts! I like my gifts to be nicely wrapped, but I tend to get frustrated when I have a huge pile of presents to wrap at one time.

So, in the interest of saving my sanity, I often use some gift wrapping shortcuts. For example:

  • If you’re looking for an easy and eco-friendly gift wrapping solution, I suggest using reusable shopping bags for your gifts. You can tie the handles into a bow or wrap a separate piece of ribbon around the bag to keep it closed.
  • Cloth napkins or dish towels can be used to wrap kitchen-themed items if you hold the wrapping together with a ribbon bow or a few strategically placed safety pins.
  • Another handy reusable gift wrap solution is to buy a plastic storage container for the gift. My mother has done this with Lego sets for my son and we definitely appreciate having a nice container for all those tiny pieces! Stores like Target usually have red and green containers around the holidays.
  • There are always lots of cute stockings at dollar stores and thrift shops this time of year. A stocking can be a good substitute for a traditional gift box.
  • If you’re crafty, there are several cute origami projects that can be used for gift wrapping. On About Origami, I have tutorials showing you how to make an origami gift box that is perfect for giving jewelry or other small items. There are also instructions for an easy exploding box card that combines a greeting card and gift wrap container into one simple project. The projects take a bit of time to master at first, but this is a very easy way to impressively wrap a gift once you understand the process.

What are your favorite gift wrapping tricks?

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    I often just tie pretty yarn around a package in tissue paper, or have occasionally knit a bag if the gift is small enough!