Duplo Creative Cakes Toy

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Duplo Creative Cakes Toy

My three year old granddaughter loves to create “food” in her play kitchen. She’ll spend an afternoon making all kinds of imaginary delicacies and feeding them to her mom.

She has even been known to create food out of her older brother’s Legos!

Well DUPLO has created a 55 piece set that is right up her alley and developed for little kids over the age of two. The set allows a child to create all kinds of desserts with the DUPLO blocks – but these aren’t the normal blocks.

The set includes the usual square and rectangular bricks but also includes rounded bricks, cupcake tops, muffin tops, holders, meringues, candles, and flowers. The blocks come in shades of pink, yellow, and brown to mimic the colors of your favorite desserts.

The lid from the storage box can be used as a tray to display the baked goods in style. Children can mix and match the blocks, colors, and layers to create their own version of Cupcake Wars.

I love toys that come with their own storage containers. Really, is there anything more painful than stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night?

I think not.

Building with these bricks is not just a way to keep your child occupied while you get dinner. Preschoolers can express their creativity while they develop those important gross and fine motor skills. Pre-reading skills will be exercised because the set comes with “recipes” for the child to follow to create specific desserts.

I’m pretty sure I know a young lady who will find this under her grandma’s Christmas tree this year.

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