Does Your Child Need Glasses?

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Does Your Child Need Glasses?

My daughter struggled to learn how to read. She was quite late and it took forever. We went through all kinds of frustration, tears, and tantrums.

She didn’t handle it well, either.

She learned to tell time with digital clocks but other type of clocks were troublesome for her. It seemed like everything she did was a struggle and I wasn’t sure if it was a learning problem or a stubbornness problem.

At that point we didn’t have insurance or much money so the kids weren’t getting regular check-ups. Finally we took her to the eye doctor (duh) and low and behold she needed glasses.


Have you ever been totally ridden with mom-guilt? I was. I felt terrible that she had gone all of that time and struggled when the answer was so easy.

Kids, especially young kids, might not know that their vision is off because they are used to seeing things the way that they do. They might not think about telling you that they need their eyes checked – and believe it or not you might not think about it either.

Ask plenty of questions. It is so easy to assume you know what is going on with your child and miss something important. If they seem to be having a learning problem check out the easy stuff first.

Have your child’s vision checked around the time they are three or four. You might want to have it checked every couple of years after that just to make sure everything is still working right.

Pay attention to her when she is reading or looking at something. Does she squint or seem to struggle to see the image clearly? Does she need to get up close to a clock in order to read it?

It seems simple, but it’s an easy thing to miss in the chaos of everyday life. Make it a point to pay attention.

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    I felt horrible guilt after discovering my son really needed glasses. I think this happens a lot. He picked out super cute frames and is so good about wearing them!