Do Babies Really Need Kneepads?

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Do Babies Really Need Kneepads?

I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m pretty sure both me and my husband, as well as all my siblings, and my first two children, all learned to crawl without kneepads.

I mean, that’s what they make baby pants for, right?

But then I recently saw a write-up for Monkey Baby Knee Pads by lil’ melon.

This knitted knee pad has silicone traction and promises to protect your baby’s knees with comfort and style.


These slide on just like a leg warmer, but cover just the knee area rather than the whole leg. Made of cotton and spandex, they’re flexible and easy for parents to slip on and off.

But at $15 a pair, are they worth it?

I don’t know. They can be purchased via Amazon or from the lil ‘melon website. Parents cite that these knee pads make their crawlers and toddlers more confident both in crawling and walking (as they cushion the impact if they fall), but I’m still not totally sold on the idea.

I mean, do we ever get to the point where we protect our kids too much? Or am I just a flippant kind of mom?

Have you used baby kneepads? I’m so curious to get your opinions.

photo credit: lil’ melon

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