Decorate the Kids’ Table

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Decorate the Kids’ Table

If you have large family gatherings for the holidays, you probably have at least one adult table and at least one kids’ table, right? The adult table tends to have the floral arrangements, the cornucopia, and the gorgeous tablecloth while the kids table?

Well, it tends to have smears of gravy and smatterings of crumbs here and there.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the kids table look just as festive as the adults’ table. Keep it fun with these ideas.

  • Use a roll of white paper as a table cloth and leave a small package of crayons at each place setting. The kids can play connect the dots with the crumbs or create appropriate holiday pictures. It will keep them busy and it’s fun.
  • Create an edible centerpiece. Use a relatively large, cone shaped piece of foam on a sturdy cake plate. Push toothpicks into broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and other vegetables to create an edible display. Fill in with parsley, kale, or leaf lettuce to get the best look. You can also use candy or fruit and various shapes of foam.
  • Use pretty holiday plates, but of the disposable variety, to make the table look great without worrying about your heirloom china.
  • Use inexpensive baking sheets as place mats and create each child’s name with magnetic letters. They can play with them later.
  • Scan pictures of each child and use them as place cards.

Do you decorate a special table for the children who are attending your holiday dinner?

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