Dance Yourself Skinny

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Dance Yourself Skinny

If you’ve always dreamed of dancing like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, the Dirty Dancing: Official Dance Workout DVD can add a bit of fun into your normal fitness routine.

The Dirty Dancing: Official Dance Workout promises to help you “get fit and have the time of your life.”

Instructors for the workout are Tracey Mallett and John Byrne. Even though Tracey looks more like a dancer, it’s interesting to note that she was actually chosen for her experience leading previous DVD cardio workout videos. John, despite his peppy “exercise coach” attitude, is a noted choreographer.

The DVD is split into six sections of approximately 10-15 minutes each. The beginning is a basic syllabus which teaches the essential dance steps for the other workouts.

The four main dance routines are done to Love Man, Yes, Johnny’s Mambo, and Do You Love Me. “Saturday Night Dance Challenge” is a compilation of the other routines without all of the added instruction.

None of the routines require a partner, although some of the background dancers do partner up for a few moves.

Unless you’re already in good shape, you might find it difficult to run through the entire workout in one sitting.

Start with the syllabus and the Love Man routine, then work your way up to the more difficult moves. Once you master each individual routine, you can play sections with the music only for a quick mini-workout.

Hardcore fans of the movie will also note that the steps in the Dirty Dancing: Official Dance Workout aren’t a literal translation of the famous moves by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. It’s a workout “inspired” by the movie, so you’re not going to get a truly authentic Dirty Dancing experience.

However, it is lots of fun and the music is quite enjoyable to listen to.

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