CraftArtist 2 Professional Offers Even More Features than its Predecessor

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CraftArtist 2 Professional Offers Even More Features than its Predecessor

Serif’s CraftArtist has been my favorite digital scrapbooking software for quite some time now, so I was immediately curious when I heard they were going to release a new edition of the program.

CraftArtist 2 Professional is easy to use as a novice, but there are lots of nifty extra features for crafters who want to take things to the next level. Two of the new features in this program that I really like are the decoupage tool and the generate palette tool.

The decoupage tool creates a layered look on photos and embellishments. The generate palette tool creates a custom color palette based on the colors in a selected photo on your layout so you don’t have to worry about getting everything to “match” exactly.

What I don’t like about CraftArtist 2 Professional is that you don’t get much in the way of graphics to play with. However, Serif does offer several free kits you can download from the DaisyTrail website and there are lots of kits that are available for purchase.

Graphics that are part of the kits for the previous CraftArtist version and Serif’s Digital Scrapbook Artist software also show up in the internal search engine so they are readily available for your use.

I use Serif CraftArtist for digital scrapbooking, but the program can also be used to make greeting cards, stationary, gift wrap, and party decorations or to edit your digital photos.

If you have children who are old enough to be creating science fair projects or other presentations for school, I can see it being useful for these types of tasks as well.

Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional sells for $39.99, which is a real bargain compared to the other programs for digital crafting that I have seen. Even if you only use half the features in this program, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

Disclaimer: A review copy of Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional was provided by the manufacturer.

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