Coolest Toys of Christmas 2012

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Coolest Toys of Christmas 2012

Christmas shopping is upon us and if you are anything like me you are going to stay as far away from the mall as possible. The downside of staying away from the stores is that you can’t see the variety of toys that are available.

Have you ever tried to window shop the Internet? It takes forever. There is no way to keep up with all of the new toys that come out every year unless someone has already done the research for you.

You can thank me later.

Scented Scoops

Maybe it is the food writer in me, but nothing gets my attention quicker than really cool play food. Scented Scoops by Begin Again Toys got my attention.

The set includes six scoops of pretend ice cream that is scented, y’all. Two scoops of vanilla, two of chocolate, and two of strawberry smell heavenly and allow your child to really get into creating ice cream cones.

The cones and tray are made of beech wood while the ice cream scoops are made of 100% compostable corn starch bio-resin. It’s best for age four and up.

K’NEX Atomic Coaster

I always thought that K’NEX were cool. Not only does your child have fun putting them together, once they are assembled, they do things. Take this Atomic Coaster, for example. It is a huge four foot roller coaster with two cars that race each other to the end of nearly forty feet of track. Once at the bottom there is a pulley to lift the cars back to the starting line. Age nine and up.

Rockboard Descender

This all terrain skateboard has thickly grooved treads that allow your skater child to board on any surface from pavement to snow. The treads are heavy duty with serious griping power so this gift will last a long time.

Best of all? He can use it right away even if you happen to live at the North Pole. Don’t forget the safety gear. Age eight and up.

Cloud B Telegram Teddy

This is the coolest toy I have seen this year, but it is also the creepiest. Teddy Ruxpin used to freak me out, too. Anyway this teddy bear receives voice messages and melody files from your smart phone.

When your child sees the LED light blinking, she knows that there is a message waiting. By pressing the button in his paw, she can listen to your message and then send a message back to you – you’ll receive it on your phone. The messages are archived for two weeks in cloud storage. Age three and up.

Perplexus Epic

This toy is basically quite simple and yet obviously created by an evil genius. You have to maneuver the marble around the sphere in order to solve the puzzle, and because it is all contained into the sphere, you can take it in the car or anywhere.

It helps develop motor and dexterity skills as well as eye hand coordination. Best of all it is challenging and fun. Age six and up

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