Cloth or Disposable Swim Diapers?

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Cloth or Disposable Swim Diapers?

You know what I forgot to pack for our extended trip? Swim diapers! How is that possible – I thought I remembered everything! We have a great swimsuit with a diaper built right in and I cannot find it anywhere in our bags. Oh well, off to the store to buy swim diapers.

Which reminds me – do you think it’s better to wear disposables or cloth swim diapers? I’m having a hard time deciding, myself.

Here’s why.

1) Disposable diapers sure are easy but they are expensive. For a little dip in the pool I’m OK with throwing a swim diaper on my youngest, but for an all day adventure it gets a little ridiculous. And how often does one change a wet disposable swim diaper? Do you just go by time, guessing when the wee one wees or do you wait for poop? Hard to tell. Cloth, on the other hand, is rinse-able. Or at least if you have 2 you can take one off, rinse it then let it dry in the sun while the bebe wears the other one, then switch back when necessary. Until poopage, that is.

2) Cloth diapers take a super, super long time to dry for next day use when NOT dried in the sun. And who wants to travel to and fro with a wet, urine soaked diaper when you can just chuck a disposable? Sorry mother Earth, but convenience does has it benefits.

3) Absorbency. Being swim diapers neither type – disposable or reusable – soaks up that much. But I think that the reusable ones balloon up more and hold on to both urine and water. Disposables merely rely on the elastic and a tad of absorbing power. For the car ride to the beach or pool, that’s not good! But for at the beach or pool, that is better in my opinion.

I read Alpha Mom‘s piece on which way she leans and it’s quite informative.

My decision is relatively easy because I don’t have our built in swim diaper suit so I’m stuck with buying disposables. Unless, of course, I want to buy a whole new bathing suit now…Urgh. Which one takes up less space, do you think? OH MY GOD, why did I think traveling around with children would be a good thing??? Do you know who much stuff we are hauling around?

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  • Penny W.

    LOL, I hear ya. I took my first born on a plane at 3 months and swore I’d never travel with kids again ever. We waited at least five more years before attempting it again.

    Disposable swim diapers are the way to go, unless you can find a great plastic swim diaper combo with velcro that’s reusable. Sure the pee escapes (like your kid would be the first to pee in a pool?!) but it holds in the important stuff without inflating.

    Good luck! You can always let them swim nude, if you can get away with it.

  • Jill V. /

    Oh man…I am in the same spot for the upcoming swim season once again with baby #3. I want the convenience of a disposable but HATE the whole change it 5 times because you can’t tell if it’s too wet. I also HATE HATE HATE plastic….but back to the convenience thing and I am sold as far as diapers go. UGH…such dilemmas as a parent. Ha!

    Anyway, more importantly, what is the diaper/swimsuit combo thingy you are talking about? Claire (now one) will be in a pool this year and this idea sounds neat.

    Please share!


    PS – It was great to meet you (although only for a few minutes) at Mom 2.o

  • Pinchus Rose

    I say disposable. just think of being all wet yourself, and still having to deal with your baby’s lets not use the word bathing suit. there is a reason mother earth produces conveniences. sometimes we need it.

  • Kate

    here here!

  • Kate

    Hey Jill! You too! So for Claire, the washable swimsuit diaper I found is iPlay swim diaper. Here is the Amazon link for iPlay. I happened to find a suit that had a pink diaper/suit bottom with UV protection swim shirt at Gymboree last summer, but don’t see it now in the stores, but here is the link to the iPlay rash guard shirt + diaper bottom set on Amazon.

    Hope this helps and enjoy the sun! Hope to see you again soon – maybe Evo (?) or the next Mom 2.0!

  • Kate

    Five years – I’m with you girl! I’m about to make that same decision, but we’ll have to survive this trip, first and we’ve got more than a few months to go!

    Swimming nude – OMG, no!?! Just kidding. Perfect solution in my book, especially at the beach.