Choosing Baby Names and Meanings

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Choosing Baby Names and Meanings

Yesterday I read an article saying the names Lyrik and Lyla are among some of the first babies born this year. Choosing baby names is such a personal thing, and finding the right name for our babies is a process.

For me, I poured over lists of baby names in books and on the Internet. I looked at both the baby names and meanings. It’s no wonder we’re pregnant for nine months. It takes that long to choose the right name!

When I was in school, at least one other kid in class had the same name as me. For my children, instead of choosing a trendy name, I wanted a unique or different name, but not weird. After all, the name we pick for our babies is something they will live with for the rest of their lives.

If it’s hard to say, in my opinion, it’s not the best choice. I didn’t want teachers stumbling around trying to pronounce my kid’s name and having the rest of the class laugh. Yes, I actually think ahead like that.

When it comes to baby names and meanings, I never thought of it as a form of branding, but Pamela Redomond Satran coauthor of The Baby Name Bible, says, “Parents have become much more conscious about the power of a name.”

With all this in mind, I checked out popular baby names from 2012. The girl name that gained most in popularity was Briella. It’s an Italian name that means “God Is My Strength.”

The hottest boy name of 2012 was Brantley, which according to is a combination of the names Brant and Leigh/Lee, and it means fire brand.

How did you choose your baby’s name?  Did the meaning of the name play a role?

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