Choosing a Baby Take Home Outfit

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Choosing a Baby Take Home Outfit

My first born arrived 11 days early. I had my hospital bag ready to go, but I hadn’t decided on a baby take home outfit. I wanted it to be special, something I could save and hand down to her.

Being a girl, I wanted it to be pretty and feminine. 

Not everyone is looking for the same thing when it comes to a newborn coming home outfit. As special as I wanted it to be, I couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on a baby outfit that would be outgrown within a month or so.

One thing to consider when choosing a baby take home outfit is the weather. My daughter was born in March. The day I went into the hospital, the weather was nice. The day she came home the wind was blowing and snow was on the way.

Instead of a dress, I choose a darling romper with pink teddy bears with a matching bonnet and a quilted pink bunting. My little angel looked adorable when we carried her in the door. 

Neutral Baby Outfit

A neutral baby take home outfit can work, too.

It wasn’t the heirloom outfit I had originally envisioned, and part of me regretted it.

If your family has an outfit they’ve passed down from one generation to the next, be sure to make arrangements ahead of time so you have it well before your due date. Along with that, feel free to accessorize with your own touches. It may be booties, a blanket, or little hat. 

Another thing that is often overlooked is size. My daughter was only six pounds when she was born, and even a newborn take home outfit fit a little big.

When my son was born, he was over eight pounds and had a thick neck. Newborn outfits did not fit that neck. I had to choose a larger size that was longer than he needed if I wanted to be able to fasten it.

The doctor kept telling me he was going to be bigger, and so I choose two baby take home outfits. While newborn outfits usually fit up to 12 pounds, not all manufacturers sizes run the same. I choose one smaller and one a little bigger. Good thing, because the bigger outfit just fit. 

Plan ahead and pack your baby’s take home outfit along with your hospital bag. Once the baby arrives, all you’ll want to do is rest and enjoy that precious time. If you plan ahead, you’ll be ready to take those special pictures marking your baby’s homecoming. 

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  • Emily (CityBaby Living)

    I went simple with both daughters – one was born in August and I went with a simple kimono style onesie and sweet hat. The 2nd was born in November so she needed warmer clothes so I went with a bright colored romper. Both I’ve kept for them. My older daughter loves to look at how small the clothes are that she wore. BTW, one was from H&M and one from a 2nd hand clothes store – so neither was over $8. You don’t need a lot of $$ to make memories.