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Link Round-up: Peppermint Marshmallows, Sweets, Science Apps, and More

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Today’s link round-up contains peppermint marshmallows, red velvet cookies, fluffy peanut butter fudge, science apps for kids, and more.

A Beautiful Mess showed us how to make peppermint marshmallows, and they’re perfect for adding to hot chocolate.

Eat Sleep Make has fluffy peanut butter fudge that looks perfect for gifts, holiday parties, and more.

link ru keiko stocking stuffer ideas
Keiko Lynn shared some of her favorite makeup ideas for stocking stuffers and gift-giving.

Lil’ Luna made gooey red velvet cookies that look delicious.

A Fabulous Fete Blog has a glitter candle holder tutorial.

link ru kids and ipad
Parenting Chaos shared a list of the best iPad science apps for kids.

Ma Made Diaries had a guest post about a favorite cleaning product that’s even cheaper than vinegar.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess, Sephora, and Thijs Knaap

Why I Love December, and It Has Nothing to Do with Christmas

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I love Christmas. I love the holiday season, and everything about it from the decorations to the stupid, sappy Christmas movies that make me cry. I love the month of December for an entirely different reason.

December is the last month of the year. No matter what has happened, what I have experienced, or what mistakes I have made, once the clock strikes midnight on January first it is an entirely clean slate, a new year, and a new beginning. Best of all, it happens every year.

During this month, I like to look back at my prayer notes, my journals, and even my Facebook updates to help me remember what went on, what things bothered me the most, and what challenges I’ve overcome.

I like to take a look at my goals and decide if I am close to achieving them or if I still want  to pursue them. Sometimes we outgrow and lose interest in our goals without ever realizing it. When we reach the goal, we feel empty because it was something we should have set aside years ago. By reviewing goals regularly you can easily see which are still valid and which need to go.

Going over these experiences, deciding what I have learned, and what things need to change helps me to make plans and goals for the next year. For example, I realized recently that there are things that used to be terribly important that just don’t matter to me anymore, but I was upset when I didn’t do them.

My life is different that it was five years ago but I haven’t let go of the things that no longer fit and so I can’t move on to enjoy the things that work for me now.

Decemeber allows me to get quiet inside and make the changes I need to make in order to go on with my life. Are there changes you need to contemplate before January rolls around?

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Custom Genie Bra Offers the Flexibility of a Convertible Bra without Annoying Underwires

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If you hate underwire bras with a passion, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the makers of the Genie Bra have come out with a Custom Genie Bra design that brings you the flexibility of a convertible bra without the annoying underwires.

The Custom Genie Bra comes with removable straps that can be worn several different ways, as shown in the photo accompanying this post. This gives you the flexibility to wear your Custom Genie Bra with all your favorite tops. There is a silicone strip at the top of the bra to help hold it it place.

The Custom Genie Bra isn’t quite as comfortable as the original version, but it’s significantly more comfortable than other strapless or convertible bras that I’ve tried.

I actually like this bra better than the expensive Victoria’s Secret convertible bra I purchased to wear with the bridesmaid’s dress at my brother’s wedding. It doesn’t provide the same level of lift that my Victoria’s Secret bra does, but it’s much easier to wear for long periods of time.

I tend to shy away from sleeveless styles simply because I’m really self conscious about my arms, but I like that the Custom Genie Bra gives you more flexibility with necklines in general. The original Genie Bra shows even if you’re wear a modest v-neck, so I’ve taken to wearing the custom Genie Bra as a strapless bra or back crisscross bra underneath my favorite v-neck shirts.

The sizing for the Custom Genie Bra is the same as the original Genie Bra. The bras come in S-3X. There are three bras in a set: black, nude, and white. Visit the Custom Genie Bra website for more information.

Disclaimer: A sample Custom Genie Bra was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

Photo credit: Custom Genie Bra

Kate Middleton Makes First Official Post Baby Debut

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It’s only been 5 weeks since the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the royal baby, and other than leaving the hospital and posing for the “official” baby photos, we haven’t seen her. That is, until August 30 when she made her first official public appearance post baby.

She looked fabulous in black skinny jeans, a poka-dot-top, and Ralph Lauren blazer. If you didn’t know she had a five-week-old baby, you certainly wouldn’t know it by looking at her.

Kate admits she was eager to lose the baby weight and has been staying active in an effort to slim down. The fun thing is that she was not expected at the event. She decided at the last minute to accompany her husband, Prince William, to a marathon race in Agnelsey.

According to The Daily Mail, Kate decided to attend the event to show her gratitude to the people of Anglesey.

“Initially the Duchess wasn’t going to attend but she was also keen for the chance to thank the people of Anglesey herself for the warmth and hospitality they have shown her and the Duke.”

Kate’s goal is to reach a healthy weight, not a specific number. The surprised crowd assured her she already looks great, and I admit I agree. I do remember how I felt after I had my children, though. Everyone thought I looked great even when I still had 10 extra pounds to still lose.

I applaud the Duchess for not looking for a specific number on the scale. Perhaps if I had done that it would have been easier to be happy with my post baby weight. She continues to be an example of balance.

She’s not dieting, but continues to pursue her healthy eating habits. Diets start and eventually end, and usually the weight piles back on. Kate’s approach will probably return her to her pre-baby weight and help keep her there because it is truly a lifestyle.

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Couture Baby Wardrobe for North West

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While we are all waiting to see Kim and Kayne’s baby girl, North West, reports tell us the baby is building a substantial designer wardrobe. When I heard this, I thought about all the clothes filling my baby daughter’s dresser drawer following my baby shower. Some of the adorable outfits she hardly wore before she outgrew them.

So when I hear that part of Kim Kardashian’s doting includes baby fashion in the form of couture baby clothes, it seems like such an over-the-top waste. But who am I kidding. Kim tends to live over the top when it comes to fashion.

I understand Kim is a fashionista extraordinaire, but right now she’s staying in with her daughter. Some say she’s waiting until she gets rid of all her excess baby weight, but whatever the reason, they aren’t going out. The baby isn’t being “seen,” and while Nori is being introduced to all this fashion, she will not remember any of it. So what’s the purpose of it all?

North West, who is affectingly called Nori by her parents, is only two months old, but a source close to Kim told “Us Weekly” that the baby wears Roberto Cavalli as well as beautiful jewelry including rubies, pearls, and diamonds. Because the baby was early, it took some time for her to start fitting into her designer clothes.

At first thought it makes me think of a young girl playing dolls. The fun part is dressing them. Maybe that’s what Kim is doing to help pass the time until she is out and about again. Or perhaps she is creating a baby portfolio to be used in the future.

With Kim’s entrepreneurial prowess, who knows what she has in mind for branding her daughter.  The fact that Kim and Kayne have kept the baby out of the public eye has increased interest. Everyone is waiting to see the baby. When Nori will make her public debut only Kim and Kayne know, but one thing is sure: she’ll end up being a trendsetter just like mom and dad.

Photo credits: Rosie King

Kate Middleton Not Ashamed of Post Baby Bump

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I remember the day after I had my first child vividly. Yes, I was happy, but when I rolled onto my side I found my big belly a bit of a disappointment. It was a rather horrifying bit of reality. I don’t know what I expected, but that wasn’t it.

I had hoped to wear a pair of regular jeans home, but that wasn’t happening. I settled for maternity clothes instead.

When I saw Kate and William show off their royal newborn this week, she looked great in her powder blue polka-dot dress. It was a loose shift but it was clear she had the baby belly going on. She always seems so perfect that part of me expected to see her wearing a belted dress with her tiny little waistline, but that wasn’t the case for her either.

I love that she was willing to come out with her mommy belly rather than squeeze into some form-fitting undergarment to make her look unrealistically svelte the day after her baby was born.

After going through a pregnancy with paparazzi focused on her stomach waiting for a shot of “the baby bump”, I don’t know if Kate was even thinking about what her post pregnancy stomach looked like or that it would be the topic of conversation around the world.

I do know she could have just held the baby and never shown her stomach, but she chose to hand the baby to her husband. She stood there for all the world to see her post-pregnancy figure with a smile on her face.

So many celebrity moms show up in post pregnancy photos looking like they were never pregnant within weeks of giving birth. I actually did know someone like this. She had 4 children and within 2 weeks of giving birth she was back in regular clothes looking like she’d never been pregnant, but for most of us that’s not reality.

For me, Kate’s willingness to not hide behind her baby or baggy clothing gives her depth of character. She’s proud to be a new mom and wears her post baby bump with style.

Photo credits: USAinboltnews

Link Round-up: DIY Projects for Home and Wardrobe, Air-Dried Hairstyles, and More

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Today’s link round-up has DIY projects for the home and your wardrobe, reasons to say goodbye to your hair dryer, importance of laughter in marriage, and more.

I Love to Create Blog showed us how to take some retro-style sunglasses and embellish them for an even cooler look.

Saved by Love Creations shared over 50 easy wall art ideas you can make yourself.


Bella Sugar said to give the blow dryer a break and try these styles.

Off the Meat Hook made ham and cheese pancakes that look incredible.

Aunt Peaches shared a guide for making pom-pom monograms, totally cute for kids’ rooms.

couple laughing

Simple Marriage shared the importance of laughter in marriage. 

The Budget Babe announced that Kate Middleton’s Issa London wrap dress will be in Banana Republic stores soon (as well as some other Issa London designs).

Photo credit: The Orange One, Grim Santo, and Eryn!

The View Is Way Different from My Side of the Fence

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Recently, I was reading a blog post by a women who was discussing the things that led up to her divorce. She was very open and honest about it, admitted that there were things she just didn’t want to deal with any more, and that her toxic marriage was eating away at her and the children. She related how she wasn’t the mom that she wanted to be because she was so stressed out all of the time.

Wow. Can I identify.

She told how she came to the conclusion that divorce is not failure — it just is. Read more…

Maternity Style and Baby Bumps all Over the News

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Seems like every week another celebrity announces they are pregnant. The paparazzi line up hoping to get the first lucky shot of a famous bump, or in the case of the Duchess of Cambridge, the paparazzi sneak around with high powered lenses and snap pictures of private moments.

Each of these famous moms-to-be have their own take on maternity style. Read more…