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8.5 Months Pregnant Runner Completes 800-Meter Race

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The crowd at the US Track and Field Championships gave Alysia Montano a standing ovation as she crossed the finish line in the 800-meter race. She came in just 35 seconds more than her personal best, but what made the crowd applaud her performance is the fact that Montano, 28, ran the race while being 8.5 months pregnant.

Montano is a five time national champion, and she had been running regularly throughout her pregnancy. She got the okay from her midwife and doctor to run in the race 800 meter race.

At 34 weeks pregnant, she knew she could run a decent time, but didn’t really have an exact time in mind. In fact, her goal was to be lapped and she accomplished that.

“More than anything, I wanted to be here and feeling that fire and desire to be on the track and to race.” – Alysia Montano

This is Montano’s first pregnancy, and she says her midwife and doctors were so encouraging that she knew as a professional runner that she could do this. And as she looked into whether or not she should run while pregnant, she learned that exercise during pregnancy is good for the mom and the baby.

When she finished the race, she didn’t even realize she was given a standing ovation, but she said that she felt so supported and even a little choked up about it.

It really had her fired up to be back at the Championships, though she admits, she wasn’t out there competing to make it to the next round. She had qualified to be there and looked at it more as a celebration. She was celebrating where she was at, that she had made it 34 weeks, and that this is what it looks like to be a professional woman athlete starting a family.

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Unexpected Benefit for Older Maternal Age at Birth

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My father was born when my grandmother was 49. She lived to be 91 and got to see her youngest child go on to be a success, have a family of his own, and even got to meet his first two grandchildren.

He was her surprise baby. She thought she had gone through the change and so her periods had stopped, then she learned baby number 5 was on the way.

Today, it’s not unusual for women to have children in their 40s but doctors often discourage delaying childbirth. However, a new Long Life Family Study shows that there may be an unexpected benefit to having children when we are over 33 and even over 40.

The study, which was published in the journal Menopause, suggests that late motherhood may lead to a longer life expectancy.

The objective of this study was to investigate the “association between maternal age at birth of last child and likelihood of survival to advanced age.” Researchers at Boston University and Boston Medical Center looked at women who lived to the age of 95 or older and compared them with 151 women who had died at younger ages.

Their findings showed that women who gave birth naturally (no IVF or other fertility assistance) were twice as likely to live to the age of 95, and women who had their last child after the age of 40 were four times more likely to live to the age of 100.

Lead researcher Thomas Perls, MD, says, “We believe the ability to have kids at an older age is a sign that a woman’s reproductive system is aging slowly, which is a marker that her entire body is aging slowly.”

He even pointed to Halle Berry as an example. She became pregnant at 46, without any fertility treatments, and looks young and healthy.

While all this may be true, part of me also thinks about how that could also lead to more people finding themselves raising kids and taking care of elderly parents at the same time. However, the longevity results, according to this study, extended to the children who were conceived later in life. They ran half the risk of diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer so they’ll be more likely to be healthy enough to handle it.

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Orgasmic Foods for Couples Trying to Conceive

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If there were foods that could insure that you had a better, stronger, longer, more frequent orgasm, would you eat those foods? Of course you would; everybody would. Who doesn’t want better, stronger, longer and more frequent orgasms? I think most of us would eat them if there were just the slightest chance that it worked.

Well, believe it or not there are certain foods that are believed that simply by eating them they will get the blood flowing to all the important parts. Here is a list, just in case you want to make a meal that will give you a night to remember.

Here is the list of some of the most o-inducing foods you can eat:


The hotter the pepper, the more hot and bothered you will find yourself. Peppers increase metabolism and get blood flowing to all the body parts, even the good ones. So next time you find yourself all hot and bothered, make the most of it.


Not only are oysters an aphrodisiac; they’re also rich in zinc, which helps with the production of testosterone. So while the oysters get your motor revved up, they can also help get your partner’s sperm count up, which could be beneficial if you are trying to conceive.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, like oysters, is a known aphrodisiac. I know that a good piece of chocolate can change my entire mood. That’s because it helps release mood-altering serotonin in the brain. So next time you are in the mood for a little ecstasy, have a piece of dark chocolate and see where the night takes you.


Vitamin C keeps sexual organs satisfied. If you eat an orange or grab a glass of OJ, you can help keep yourself sex healthy.


Asparagus is my favorite vegetable anyways but apparently, this yummy green veggie is also rich in folate, which regulates the production of histamine. Histamine is the chemical released during orgasm. Eat some asparagus and get a jumpstart on your sexual appetite.


Watermelon is natural Viagra. Who knew? So if your man is having trouble getting an erection, skip the little blue pill feed him a big bowl of sweet, juicy watermelon. It’s definitely cheaper than Viagra and no pesky side effects like a 4-hour erection to contend with.

Have you ever tried any of these foods? Did they work? Just imagine the possibilities if you made a meal of all these foods at one sitting?

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Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

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Out of my eight children, three were born in July. So, if you are spending your days feeling like a whale in a sauna I just want you to know that I can identify. I have been where you are. I am sympatico.

Summer in Texas is hot and there is nothing that will make you feel huge and uncomfortable like being 44 weeks pregnant when it is 115 degrees.

Keep in mind that you are almost there, you’re growing a baby, and there is nothing wrong with spending these last few weeks in a chair with your feet up and the air conditioner set on frigid. Barring that, here are some ways you can stay cool while you are waiting for Junior to show up.

Drink Water by the Gallon

When you are dehydrated you are going to feel even worse. I don’t know about you, but I had to go to the bathroom so often by those last weeks that I think I purposely cut back on liquids so I wouldn’t have to take that long waddle to the bathroom.

Don’t do it. Your body needs to be able to flush out toxins for two. Drinking icy cold drinks not only keeps you hydrated, it cools your body temperature.

I don’t suggest this, but one summer I was so anemic that I craved ice to chew constantly. I went through two and a half pounds a day. The takeaway is this — I wore sweaters all summer long because my core temperature was low from all of that ice. Don’t chew ice but put lots of it in your drinks.

Yeah. You probably want to arrange your comfy chair close to the bathroom.

Keep You Feet Up and Cool

This might sound crazy but you will feel much better and have less swelling if you keep your feet up. It’s even better if you can keep them cool while they are up. Prop your feet up on a pillow with a towel covered ice pack on it. It sounds totally crazy but it works like a charm.

Lose the Salt

Salt will make you retain water. Even though you may be craving potato chips and pretzels, get your crunch from natural diuretics like celery. Copious amounts of water keep it flushed out as well.

Take Off Rings and Tight Clothing

Don’t wear anything that interferes with your circulation. Take off your rings — trust me  you are not going to get a lot of guys hitting on you at the mall these days — and do away with elastic. The rule of thumb is that if it is uncomfortable then take it off. Wearing loose dresses is amazingly freeing and you’ll feel so much cooler.

Freezer Food

You can make popsicles out of almost any kind of juice you like. Don’t use the corn syrup, artificially flavored ones but freeze juice and juice combinations.

Snow cones and slushes are also really good ways to cool down. You can make a slush by freezing juice in ice cube trays and then putting it in the blender. Add some fresh fruit if you want.

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Woman’s Ovary Removal Turns into C-Section

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When I hear stories of women who don’t know they are pregnant, it just amazes me, but this one is more astounding than most.

New Zealand doctors had run multiple tests on 25-year-old Rebecca Oldham to see if they could find the cause of her painful cramping. But after running multiple tests on the mother of one, they had no conclusive answer. As a matter of deduction, they decided to remove her ovaries in November, figuring they were the most likely cause of the problem.

She was wheeled into surgery knowing she wouldn’t be able to have any more children. Little did anyone know the course that trip to the OR would take.

What was scheduled as surgery for removal of her ovaries turned into an emergency Cesarean section as the doctors delivered a 9 pound baby boy! Rebecca was 32 weeks pregnant! Instead of having her ovaries removed, she brought home a healthy baby boy they named James.

I’m stunned. Not only did the mom not know she was pregnant with a nine-pound baby, but she was undergoing tests and the doctors didn’t pick up on that fact either! According to Rebecca Oldham, I’m not the only one left with questions. Rebecca told Newser that “People say ‘how could you not know?’ But I really didn’t.”

Doctors are puzzled over how they didn’t detect the advanced pregnancy after completing three scans, two blood tests, and six pregnancy tests. Now in hindsight, they have told Oldham that her cramps were likely caused by the baby being so tightly lodged along her back.

“I was facing not being able to have any more children because they thought there were problems with my ovaries and all of a sudden we had a son.” – Oldham via the New Zealand Herald.

It took a while for her to wrap her head around the idea. She said when James cried at night, she’d wake up and say “Ssshhh Hayley,” and then remember it wasn’t her daughter crying but her newborn son.

Oldham is awaiting findings from the hospital’s investigation and hopes it will give her some of the answers she’s looking for. If I were here, one of the big questions would be, “Can this happen to me again?”

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Moms Using Hypnobirth to Avoid Drugs and Pain During Childbirth

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Can childbirth really be a pain- and drug-free experience? For those who have tried hypnobirthing, the answer is yes.

Hypnobirthing allows women to give birth calmly and in many cases without pain or drugs. It removes the drama often associated with getting to the hospital, and eliminates things like screaming and yelling. Instead, it transforms giving birth into a quiet, loving experience.

When it comes to hypnosis, if you think of someone waving a pocket watch in front of your face telling you “you’re getting sleepy” you’re not alone, but the techniques used during hypnobirthing are nothing like that.

It’s not like moms-to-be are under a spell. Instead, couples are taught techniques of hypnosis to help them relax and focus. It’s not a form of sleep or something you won’t remember. Couples are focused and fully aware of what is happening.

How does it work? Couples learn hypnosis techniques in class and practice them at home. These hypnobirthing techniques help couples release endorphins (the hormones that allow us to experience pleasure) and to block catecholamines which are hormones released when a person is under physical or emotional stress.

When the body goes into labor, these catecholamines naturally kick in as the mind alerts the body of a life-threatening situation. Blocking the catecholamines allows women to relax and stay calm during the birthing process, and the endorphins work as natural pain killers.

When the time comes to give birth, hypnobirthing is not always 100 percent pain free, but many mothers using this technique say they feel pressure but no pain. They are able to go through the delivery without the use of drugs, and deliveries are often quick, too.

For people who don’t want to put chemicals in their bodies and who want to take a more natural approach to having a baby, hypnobirthing offers ‘training’ to help control or eliminate the pain. It uses visual imagery and other techniques to help keep the body completely relaxed during labor.

To find a practitioner near you, check the hypnobirthing website.

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Fertility Specialists Are Learning to Conserve Mom’s Energy

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I can remember when the first “test tube” baby was born and how amazing that was. When you compare how things were then to how they are done now it blows your mind. New research and technology in fertility just continues to make it more likely that most people who want to give birth can do so.

The one downside of it has been multiple births. I say downside because most women do not want to take on four or five or six babies at the same time.

In fact, I know a couple of moms with twins and their lives are exhausting for awhile — like about eighteen years. Twins also have higher rates of prematurity, health problems, and complications for both mom and babies.

The reason for the multiple births is that doctors are never sure how successfully an embryo will implant so they use several. Normally most of them will fail and at least one will succeed in the implantation process. With medical advances being what they are, someone who is going through in vitro fertilization will almost always have twins at least.

Doctors are now trying to rein those numbers back and give more women the satisfaction of a “normal” pregnancy resulting in just one baby. They have backed off from using multiple embryos and use just the most viable looking one.

Once again, Europeans are way ahead of Americans. They already practice the one embryo at a time approach.

It makes sense to me. I understand the reason for using several at a time but I have issues with it morally and ethically. Doctors say they will still use several embryos on older women since the chance for success is much lower. Hopefully in the near future new moms who have gone through IVF will have fewer babies and more energy.

That’s got to be a good thing.

source: USA Today

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Snow White and Prince Charming Welcome a Son

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Last October, I was excited to hear that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas were engaged. A month later, the couple announced they were having a baby.

If you don’t recognize the names, the couple plays Snow White and Prince Charming in the ABC hit Once Upon a Time. So the news gave me that nostalgic happily ever after feel. And I do hope it is happily ever after now that they have welcomed their first child into the world on May 29. It’s a prince…I mean a boy.

What about the wedding? Instead of big, glamorous extravaganza fit for a princess, they chose a quiet, private ceremony shared with about 30 close friends and family members in Venice, California. Ginnifer wore a custom-designed Monique Lhuillier gown and her childhood Rabbi performed the ceremony. Music accompaniment was provided by a Spanish guitar player.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jimmy Kimmel
Ginnifer appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and talked about the wedding. “We’re both Southern and I was literally barefoot and pregnant at our wedding.” Kimmel followed up by asking why she was barefoot, and she said, “I was afraid I’d fall over. I don’t know what I was thinking.” But overall she said, “It was the most stress-free, relaxing, beautiful day.”

She discussed naming the baby and said that while Josh Dallas is an awesome, strong name, she found naming a child with the last name of Dallas was a bit tricky because if you weren’t careful it could sound like an airport…like Austin Dallas. As of right now, they haven’t released the baby’s name but it will be interesting to see what they came up with.

Ginnifer was an upbeat and fun guest, and while they didn’t talk about weight gain or any of that, the 8-months-pregnant star appeared much larger than her normally petite self. Instead of approaching it from a negative perspective, she asked if she was the “most pregnant” guest he’d ever had. He thought for a moment and said, “Nope. Octomom.”

I wish them all the best!

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Pregnancy Increases Risk of Motor Vehicle Accidents

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I’m short, and when I was pregnant with my second child I had to give up driving when my belly made it impossible to reach the clutch and gas pedal safely. According to a recent study, that may have actually helped to keep me safe!

The study published in CMAJ shows pregnant women were 42 percent more likely to be involved in an accident that sent them to the emergency room compared to when they weren’t pregnant. What does one have to do with the other?

According to Dr. Donald Redelmeier, the study’s lead author from the University of Toronto, “A normal pregnancy is usually accompanied by a lot of fatigue, nausea, mood fluctuations, anxieties and distractions which may all contribute to distracted driving.” The study also suggests that women are at increased risk for serious injury during a motor vehicle accident during their second trimester of pregnancy.

For this study, they looked at data on all adult women who gave birth in the Canadian province of Ontario from April 2006 to March 2011. During that time more than half a million women gave birth and were responsible for about 8,000 crashes during that time.

Dr. Redelmeier is an internist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, and he became curious about the risk of vehicle crashes during pregnancy, because pregnant patients often asked about dangers related to other activities like riding a rollercoaster.

He said that none of the women ever asked about road safety even though it is a larger risk to both the mother and child. He and his colleagues analyzed the data available and compared crash rates before and after pregnancy to see if there was a difference.

The findings showed that the rate of accidents was around 4.6 crashes per 1,000 women before pregnancy, but the number rose to 7.7 crashes per 1,000 women during their second trimester. This increase existed regardless of background and demographics and didn’t seem to be affected if the women already had other children.

While they can’t say absolutely why the risk of car accidents increases during the second trimester, Redelmeier thinks it may have to do with the symptoms that result from wide hormonal fluctuations.

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