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Is Kate Middleton Pregnant with Second Child?

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When I learned I was pregnant with my second child, I chose not to make mention of it for a few months. My first child was only 13 months old, and I just wanted to experience “normal” life for a little longer before people started asking all the pregnancy-related questions, and eyeing my belly for signs of the bump.

Now with the Internet abuzz with rumors that Kate Middleton is expecting her second child, I almost feel sorry for her.

The Duchess received all kinds of attention when pregnant with Prince George and people are ready for more…but is 32-year-old Kate Middleton ready for all that again this soon? The rumors are based on a childhood friend’s claim that a sibling is on the way, but Kensington Palace has said Kate hasn’t talked to that friend in years.

I tend to believe Kensington Palace, because anyone who is a true friend and learned Kate was pregnant would share the joy but keep the news to themselves. But now with these statements, people are looking at Kate with a critical eye searching for “the” signs.

Is her face fuller? After all, her face looked fuller when she was expecting the Prince. Other rumors suggest she holds something in front of her stomach when she is out among people, but really what is she suppose to do with her purse or the flowers someone hands her?

So is she pregnant or not? Rumors say yes; Kensington Palace has said…that she hasn’t been in touch with that old childhood friend for years. They did not say that she isn’t pregnant. So that has stirred more speculation because they didn’t deny the rumors.

It leaves the royal watchers chomping at the bit, but along with them we’ll all have to wait and see. This isn’t the first time rumors have suggested baby number two was on the way. Remember that little slip William made when accepting a baby gift from a woman in New Zealand? He told that woman she may have to make another one soon for baby number two. But Kate wasn’t pregnant.

Even if she is expecting now, she may want to wait a little while before making an announcement. Let’s give her some space. After all, remember how sick she was the first time round?

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Barnes & Noble Promises New Nursing-Friendly Policy

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Back in March, an assistant manager at the Nanuet Barnes & Nobel told 22-year-old mom Shereen Matera that she would either have to cover up or leave the store if she planned to keep breastfeeding her five-month old son. Matera tried to calmly explain that the law in New York allows women to breastfeed in public, but the employee said the store had a different policy.

Matera went home where she ended up posting her experience on Facebook with the group Badass Breastfeeders of New Jersey. Members of the group were as upset Matera and the outrage spawned an organized nurse-in at the bookstore the following day.

This protest caught the attention of state Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman who decided to look into the situation. For him it seemed to be an issue of women’s rights, and following months of deliberation, Schneiderman and Barnes & Noble came to a settlement which will result in some changes for the nationwide chain’s 42 stores in New York.

Barnes & Noble is now required to train its store workers on the state’s breastfeeding law which allows mothers to nurse in public. The stores will also be displaying the international symbol for breastfeeding at the store entrance, and they are donating $10,000 to a breastfeeding support group overseen by the Rockland Department of Health.

New York’s breastfeeding law has been around for 20 years, and according to Schneiderman, “All New York residents, including breastfeeding mothers, must be afforded equal protection under the law. No mother should endure harassment for breastfeeding her baby in public. There is one set of rules for everyone in New York, and I applaud Barnes & Noble for taking steps to ensure that moms are not harassed or discriminated against.”

Matera says she is pleased with the outcome, but says a simple apology would have been satisfactory.

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Baby Girl Survives Miscarriage of Twin and Abortion Pills

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Little Megan Hui is a miracle baby. She was born last February and is now a healthy 18-week-old little girl.

She’s a miracle, because her mother suffered a miscarriage six weeks into the pregnancy. Then following the miscarriage, she was given abortion drugs to help clear out her uterus and as a precautionary method to avoid infection. Then 10 days later she went back to the hospital to have a surgical procedure to clear remaining blot clots that could be life threatening.

According to Megan’s 31-year-old mom, Michelle, the doctor said, “You are not going to believe it, we’ve got a heartbeat.” Can you imagine the roller coaster of emotions to she went through from losing her baby, to finding out she was still pregnant?

It turns out the Megan was a twin. Her mom had lost a baby after six weeks of pregnancy, and didn’t know that she was actually carrying two babies. She even underwent 5 different scans that confirmed she had lost the baby, and yet for some reason, little Megan survived the abortion drugs. I count that a miracle!

Michelle Hui went in to have the surgical procedure to have the potentially dangerous blood clots in her uterus removed. It was at this time that a scan picked up a faint heartbeat.

The medical team decided that since the baby had survived so much already that Michelle should continue her pregnancy. They think that perhaps the blood clots caused shadows that hid the surviving fetus, but however it happened, the result is that a healthy baby girl who weighed six pounds at birth.

She joins her older sister Mya, who is four, and her brother, Noah, who is two.

It turns out that I’m not the only one who thinks Megan is a miracle. Her story is considered extraordinary enough to be written up in medical journals and the doctors said it was a “blessing.” I agree!

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Link Round-up: Birthday Badge, Puree, Summer Reading, DIY Sunscreen, and More

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Today’s round-up has a first birthday badge, puree, a summer reading list, non-toxic sunscreen, and more.

It Happens in a Blink shared a tutorial for a first birthday badge.

It’s Always Ruetten shared her summer reading list.

Army Wife to Suburban Life gave us 15 ideas of things to do when you’re alone.

It Bakes Me Happy shared a recipe for carrot apple mango puree.

Sand in My Toes taught us how to make a parking deck out of a cereal box and other items you have around the house.

A Mom’s Take shared her recipe for a moisturizing non-toxic sunscreen.

Carolyn’s Homework shared a guest post and taught us how to make peanut butter and jelly cookies.

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Another 1.9 Million Graco Car Seats Recalled

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Back in March, Graco recalled over 400,000 car seats bringing the number of recalled seats to more than 4 million due to faulty buckles which could make it difficult to remove a child from the seat.

Now they are expanding that recall by another 1.9 million car seats that include some infant and toddler models. The expanded recall follows a five-month squabble with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Graco in which Graco had argued that infant seats are different than toddler models because adults can remove the whole seat during an emergency, rather than releasing the buckle.

Again those who own the recalled seats are supposed to contract Graco for a free replacement harness.

The Problem with the Buckles

The reason behind these recalls is that the buckles can get gummed up by food and drinks which make them sticky. This makes it difficult to remove children, and in some cases parents had to actually cut the harnesses to get their children free of the seat. The concern is that this increases the risk of injury in emergencies.

Newly Recalled Graco Car Seats

The original recall came about from Graco after 80 complaints were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Those seats were sold between 2009 and 2013. The newly recalled car seats were manufactured from 2012 to 2014.

They include:

Infant Models and Expanded Recall Production Dates:

  • SnugRide (March 2011-May 2013)
  • SnugRide Classic Connect (March 2011-May 2013)
  • SnugRide Classic Connect 30 (July 2010-January 2013)
  • SnugRide 35 (May 2011-January 2013)
  • SnugRide Classic Connect 35 (May 2011-January 2013)
  • SnugRide Click Connect 40 (June 2012-December 2012)
  • Aprica A30 (July 2011-April 2012)

Toddler Models and Expanded Recall Production Dates:

  • Argos 70 (May 2011-2013)
  • Argos 70 Elite (May 2011-2013)
  • Classic Ride 50 (October 2011-September 2013)
  • Comfort Sport (October 2010-September 2013)
  • Ready Ride (October 2010-September 2013)
  • Cozy Cline (January 2006-April 2010)
  • Toddler SafeSeat – Step 2 (January 2006-april 2010)
  • My Ride 65 (April 2009-July 2013; Sept. 2013)
  • My Ride 65 with Safety Surround (April 2009-July 2013; Sept. 2013)
  • My Ride 70 (May 2012-July 2013)
  • My Size 70 (January 2012-July 2013; Aug. 2013)
  • Size4Me70 January 2012-July 2013; Aug. 2013)
  • Head Wise 70 with Safety Surround (January 2012-July 2013; Aug. 2013)
  • Nautilus 3-in-1 (October 2007-August 2013)
  • Nautilus Plus (October 2007-August 2013)
  • Nautilus Elite (October 2007-August 2013)
  • Smart Seat (December 2010-January 2014)
  • Smart Seat with Safety Surround (December 2010-January 2014)

Contact Information

To get your replacement harness, contact Graco at 1-800-345-4109 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday. Graco says parents can still use car seats while waiting for the replacement harness.

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Link Roundup: Recipes, Wire Word Art, Summer Recipes, and More

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Today’s link round-up has recipes, wire word art, fun summer recipes, and more.

Kalyn’s Kitchen shared a recipe for raw zucchini carpaccio.

The Neighborhood Moms talked about three baby gadgets that may be bad for children’s development.

View Along the Way showed us how to make easy wire word art.

Confessions of an Overworked Mom showed us a nail-pampering DIY.

A Mom’s Take shared some ideas for a baby essentials kit.

Gingerly Made taught us how to make watermelon Rice Krispie treats.

This Silly Girl’s Life showed us how to make mini mint s’mores.

Photo credit: Kalyn’s Kitchen and Confessions of an Overworked Mom

10 an 12 Year Olds Denied Passport Due to Unapproved Names

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Naming our babies is a personal decision that affects the lives of our children. That name we choose is the one they are either blessed or stuck with.

In many countries there are actually lists of banned names and some of them for good reason, but one 10-year-old in Iceland named Harriet Cardew and her 12-year-old brother, Duncan, were recently denied passport renewal because their names are banned in that country.

Because their names are considered illegal they can’t get their passports.

I don’t know about you, but this raised a couple of questions on my part. First of all, why would a name like Harriet or Duncan be banned? It’s not like it’s Harrynet, Stinky Head, or some absurd symbol or product name. Plus, if the parents were renewing their passports that means they had already been issued a passport…with the names Harriet and Duncan. Turns out that’s not the case.

List of Approved Baby Names

Iceland has a list of approved Nordic names that consists of 1,853 female and 1,712 boy names and according to their laws, unless both parents are foreign born, the parents must submit their name choice to the National Registry for approval within 6 months of the baby’s birth.

One of the requirements is that the name includes an “Icelandic grammatical ending.” Neither Harriet or Duncan does that. According to their father, Tristan Cardew they, “can’t be conjugated in Icelandic.”

The Cardew family has four children all together. Two of them were born in France, so their names aren’t under question. However, Harriet and her 12-year-old brother Duncan were born in Iceland and their parents did not have their names approved.

Harriet and Duncan’s father is from England, but their mother is from Iceland. The parents have appealed for emergency passports from the British Embassy. In the meantime, their family trip is on hold. It turns out that, up until now, the kids traveled under the acceptable Nordic Stúlka and Drengur Cardew which are the words for “girl” and “boy” Cardew.

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Frozen Inspired Baby Names Trending

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The blockbuster Disney movie, Frozen, exploded in popularity last year. Kids of all ages know all the words to “Let it Go,” and Frozen merchandise still flies off the shelves.

But there’s a new Frozen phenomenon that I didn’t see coming that reaches into the adult generation, and even into future generations. Frozen- themed baby showers and nurseries are on the rise, and we’re seeing a hot new baby name trend of Frozen-inspired baby names.

Popular Frozen Baby Names

I can see why people would use the theme for baby showers and nurseries, but I have to admit I wouldn’t think of naming my kids after an animated character.

However, when I heard about this, the two sisters who star in the film, Anna and Elsa, came to mind. I like both those names and they did rise in popularity among baby girl names over the last year. Trending Frozen-inspired baby boy names include Hans, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.

Meaning of Frozen-Inspired Baby Names

When I chose names for my kids, I looked at the meaning behind the names, too. So while these trending baby names bring to mind favorite Frozen characters, it’s interesting to see what they mean. When I checked it out, I found something that surprised me.

  • Anna: Anna comes from the Hebrew Hannah, and means gracious, merciful
  • Elsa: The name Elsa has Scandinavian roots and is a shortened form of the name Elizabeth which means God is my oath.
  • Hans: Hans is the Scandinavian form of the name John and means God is gracious.
  • Kristoff: Kristoff is the Scandinavian form of the name Christopher which means Christ bearer.
  • Sven: Sven is one of the few names without a religious meaning. It is a Scandinavian name that means boy, young man.
  • Olaf: Olaf is the name of five Scandinavian kings and the patron saint of Norway. The meaning is ancestor’s heir.

So what surprised me about the meanings behind the names is that half of them are related to belief in God. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that in today’s day it is just surprising.

The good thing is the names will have meaning even after the movie’s popularity fades and it joins other classic favorites as a thing of the past.

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Should Adults Be Drinking Breast Milk?

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We all know that breast milk is the ideal choice for babies, but some adults say that the benefits reach into adulthood.

In a recent interview with New York Magazine men who consume breast milk talked about why they drink it. They reported significant health benefits like boosted energy levels and improved immune systems. One dad even said that breast milk eased his nausea during chemotherapy treatments.

It’s touted as “God-given” and “natural” and is bought and sold on sites like Only the Breast. Mainstream sale sites like eBay and Craigslist ban the sale of bodily fluids, but Only the Breast co-founder Glenn Snow says that his site concentrates on mothers but that they “do not mind men seeking milk for health or wellness needs.”

Part of me thinks about how calves drink milk when they are young, but then they outgrow it. They need the nutrition in milk to meet their growth and energy needs when young.

Isn’t it the same for human babies? Infants are delicate and susceptible to disease, and their bodies are not fully developed. Breast milk offers them specific nourishment that helps them resist disease and infection early in life.

It turns out that this isn’t anything new. According to the Telegraph, men in China have been drinking breast milk for its nutritional value. Before we let the creepy factor cloud our thinking, we have to ask if there is a nutritional value that should be considered.

Breast milk is a unique combination of nutrients essential to a child’s health, and it is natural.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, breast milk contains fats, proteins, carbohydrates and special immune-boosting cells, and scientists hope to take the beneficial qualities of breast milk and to create a treatment for adults who suffer from a wide range of illnesses including chronic conditions like Crohn’s disease.

In light of this, it makes me think of all the times supplements are created to mimic the real thing, but don’t quite match up to the full potential of that real thing. Could this be the case with breast milk? Might it be beneficial to those suffering from chronic conditions? Of course mainstream medical experts are skeptical, but so far the anecdotal evidence is mounting.

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