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Posted on Nov 30, 2012 by 1 Comment When You Need a Hand

I’m officially a sandwich. My sister, too. And my new school mom friend. When I first heard of the “sandwich generation” I thought, whatevz. Not me because I’ve been a GenXer for some time now. A generation can’t just switch names willy nilly.

But nope. I’m a sandwich. This happened just 2 weeks ago. And do you know what I did when the crap rained down on me? I froze.

I had no idea who to talk to to find what I needed. I didn’t even know what I needed. And do you know what? I called a website. With a phone. A telephone, not a smart phone. A person answered. A real live person. Bethany. I called is the best. Seriously.

So to back up, my mother in law got sick. One day she was fine, living by herself, independent, beautiful, elegant, strong. The next day she needed a lot of help. It happened just like that.

That first day, my husband and I took up all the slack we could. We rushed over, helped out, donned our “I can handle anything” suits and got busy. But the next day when we were realizing that our stamina wouldn’t live up to our good intentions, we realized that we needed to find answers.

I thought of because I once met their PR person who was friends with my husband’s ex-girlfriend. Y’all, I couldn’t make that up. I mention it because I think is visible out there, but for me, I needed a tangible connection. I don’t know why.

And go figure it was my husbands ex-girlfriend who I thought of! (She’s lovely by the way, people, very lovely)

As I sat on my kitchen floor, computer open with so many searches of what, how and what, what, what do I do now staring at me, I called them. And Bethany answered. Sweet Bethany.

I stammered and tried to lay out our situation. Sheepishly I said, “Is this something I can even ask for help with? I have no idea what I’m doing.” And Bethany walked me through it.

She gave me names. Even better, she contacted people on my behalf so that I could continue holding the family together instead of sitting on my floor stunned.

Now we’re 2 weeks into the new normal. We still rely on for advice.

I’m telling you all this because I thought I knew how to find what I needed when it came to my kids. Babysitters. Check. Specialists. Check. But add parents to the mix and my mind just reeled.

Also, has no idea I’m writing this. There is nothing they are doing for me other than doing what they do. I’m just one mom telling you how incredibly much of a life saver, sanity saver, dignity saver they have been.

Stay golden.

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  • Hutch

    Kate–great post. Thanks for the info. And welcome back. We’ve missed you.