Candy-Free Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Candy-Free Valentine’s Day Ideas

I’m not opposed to giving my son candy, but I do try to teach him the idea of moderation.

Unfortunately, he tends to go a bit overboard on candy-heavy holidays like Valentine’s Days. He comes home with a big bag full of sweets from his classmates and I have to physically pry the bag away from him to keep him from eating everything in one sitting.

If your kids struggle with some of the same issues, or you need to be conscious of what you bring to school because of allergy concerns, here are some ideas for fun candy-free Valentine treats:

  • Crayons and coloring books with a card that says, “You color my world.”
  • Bouncy balls with a card that says, “You make my heart bounce.”
  • Matchbox car with a card that says, “I ‘wheelie’ like you.”
  • Erasers with a card that says, “Not liking you would be a mistake.”
  • Apples with a card that says, “You’re the apple of my eye.”
  • Oranges or orange juice boxes with a card that says, “Orange you glad we’re friends?”
  • Bananas with a card that says, “I’m bananas for you.”

If you have crafty kids who wants to make something for their friends, I have a tutorial on the About Origami site for a bookmark with a heart-shaped embellishment. Have your child write, “You’re tops in my book” or “You wrote the book on being cool” on the back of the finished bookmark.

About Origami also has directions for a heart lollipop cover. Instead of using this project with a lollipop, write “You are just ‘write’ for me” on the heart and add it to a pencil.

What are your favorite non-candy ideas for Valentine’s Day treats?

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  • Julie C.

    I really like all those ideas! The mini balls and tangerines would be inexpensive and the kids would enjoy receiving them. I may “bounce” this idea past my kids and see if they agree.