Calling All Ladies

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Calling All Ladies

[Insert best Beyonce impression here] All the older ladies, all the older ladies. All the older ladies, all the older ladies. OK, enough of that. But.

You ladies over 40 who might be struggling to look effortlessly chic and current without thinking about it too much, have I got a few websites for inspiration.

I’ve heard tell that 40 is the new 30 and, being 41 myself, I say “hell yeah!” Only, when I look in my closet, another respon screams out, and in not so cheerful a voice.

So, 40. It’s actually an amazing age: the casual calm that truly knowing myself and my capabilities affords me (not limits, I did not say limits). And yet as I dress myself each morning, I wonder what age will I portray today?

Will I be 20 something and cute in my Forever 21 (excuse me, my XXI Forever) heart sweater or will I be dowdy and [gasp] comfortable in my yoga pants and sweats?

Sure, my ass looks OK, but sweats are still sweats, even for a mom at the playground.

So much like Cybil, when I look in my closet, all those personalities compete and the strongest wins.

Mostly, I just want to look effortlessly adorable in a grown up but fun-loving, joie de vivre way. But definitely not in a mutton dresses lamb way (my fav saying ala my sister in law).

So here goes – a few sites for inspiration. For special pieces, think party attire or date night, this site has some great choices. I kinda like perusing their looks, too, to see what they consider interesting.

My only reservation is that it skews older to me, like 50 and up. Also, the items can be expensive. So not everyday wear.

Net-a-Porter has great trends. A great place for ideas on how to add a wow piece. Only, wow pieces aren’t for everyday, nor are the price tags.

Target has a great selection of basics and even trendy things. Much like Forever 21. The secret to these big-box-hipster clothes, I think, is to pair a very inexpensive piece with more chic and expensive things, like say a great pair of jeans that fit you amazingly well.

Also, if you’re going to experiment, this is a great place to push your boundaries as long (and I can’t stress this enough) you ALWAYS pair your experiments with something classic!

After re-organizing my closet this morning (Yea! About time!) I realized that I can easily weed out some things that aren’t fitting so great and make room for a few fun things.

What about you – up for a little wardrobe challenge? I wore this yesterday and felt pretty hip and yet still my age. Yes, it was a heart sweater. But it felt good.

photo credit: ModernBaby via Polyvore

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    I am so guilty of an outdated wardrobe. I have been trying to make myself pick out 1 outfit a week to discard/donate… it’s hard to part with “comfortable” clothing, but I definitely need to spice my wardrobe up a bit.