California Baby Products: Natural, Safe, and Delicious Smelling!

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California Baby Products: Natural, Safe, and Delicious Smelling!

Here’s the thing about baby soaps and shampoos: they all smell the same.

I grew up in the decade of Johnson & Johnson baby bath and No More Tears Detangler…….if I try really hard, I can still smell that stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff, but after a while a girl just wants something a little different.

Luckily, I was introduced to California Baby products shortly before our youngest daughter was born. Its calming scent was enough to soothe a cranky, pregnant momma and worked like a charm on a cranky, colicky newborn baby too!

A mom-created product, California Baby was born when newly-pregnant Jessica Iclisoy decided she wanted to raise her baby in the most natural and non-toxic environment possible. Her key ingredient, Decyl Polyglucose, is a gentle, biodegradable cleansing and bubbling agent derived from renewable and biodegradable plant sources. Add to that a variety of essential oils and you’ve got a fabulous product.

Our first California Baby product was the Calendula Shampoo and Bodywash from the Aromatherapy line. And because we cloth diaper, we also use the Non-Burning & Calming Diaper Area Wash (instilled with tea tree, calendula, witch hazel and aloe vera and great for cleaning baby’s bottom as well as treating scrapes and cuts) and the Calming Diaper Rash Cream. We love all three products!

California Baby also has products for the home like hand wash, diffusers and essential oils, and air spritzers, as well as products for pregnancy and spending time in the sun (their baby sunscreen rocks!). All-in-all, I’m a huge fan.

I will admit that California Baby can look a bit pricey at the onset, but after you start using the products, you’ll see that a little goes a very long way. In fact, our daughter is now 16 months and we’re just now finishing up our second bottle of both the shampoo/body wash and the diaper area wash. So that should give you an idea of just how long the stuff lasts.

If you want to try the products but aren’t sure you want to invest in full-size bottles, visit the California Baby website and order one of the prepackaged gifts where you can purchase travel sizes of some of their most popular products. Ready to jump right in? You can find California Baby at Target, Whole Foods, and Babies ‘R Us.

photo credit: California Baby

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  • Ruby T.

    I’m all for no chemicals in baby products! Do all the line have the same scent, or are they different? Glad you have a good experience with it.

  • Pinchus Rose

    My doubt with these natural products is if they really clean. Do they?

  • Carly

    These sound great! I was glad to read that they are sold at Target! I will check them out next time I am there. They sound soothing and refreshing. :)

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