Boudoir Photography – Would You?

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Boudoir Photography – Would You?

There are a couple of photography studios near me that offer boudoir portraiture. When I walk by their windows or peruse the websites with the gorgeous images in them, I am always tempted to make that phone call and set up an appointment.

And I never do.

For one thing, the images that they advertise all have young women with thin waists and perky boobs in them. I stopped doing thin and perky about three children ago. For another, and this is probably the biggest factor, what do you do with them after you get the prints?

I am pretty sure the kids aren’t interested in seeing me in a bustier tangled in bed sheets, and especially not hanging on a wall in the house. I suppose my husband could keep the image as wallpaper on his computer but that could get awkward in Starbucks, you know?

So, I don’t make that appointment.

On the other hand, I think that my husband, he who is so very hard to buy for, would be extremely enthusiastic about receiving boudoir portraits of me as a gift. I am not sure how he would feel about someone, potentially male, actually taking those shots however.

Then there is the whole question about whether it even makes sense. I mean, he can see me in my underwear anytime he wants. I’ll be glad to lie in bed all day and let him gaze at me – as long as he brings me coffee and keeps Food Network on the television.

Good idea or bad idea? So, have you done it? And most of all, what do you do with the images?

photo credit: SELIVANOFF via photopin cc

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  • Hurt

    I had a sexy lingerie shoot done a couple years ago and my guy was pretty angry about the male photographer thing. he was so angry he doesnt even look at them :(

  • Kimmy

    I have an overly developed sense of privacy and trust issues. But, I did something like this for my husband a year or 2 ago. I used the timer on my digital camera and did them myself in the bedroom. Far from professional and it took me FOREVER to get decent shots, but it was worth it when he opened the pocket album I put them in. Apparently the lack of good lighting was less important than the thought I put into it.