Beyonce Wears Obama Earrings & Now They Are Fashion Must Haves

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Beyonce Wears Obama Earrings & Now They Are Fashion Must Haves

If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it. Earrings on it, that is. Beyonce was seen wearing a pair of Barack Obama hoops last weekend. Well, if Beyonce is wearing it then you know it is the latest in election 2012 high fashion. You just know that sales have exploded.

The earrings were designed by a Puerto Rican jewelry designer named Erika Peña. Until last week, when Beyonce was seen sporting the hoops, Erika had only sold 5 sets of the handmade earrings but that is not the case now.

Beyonce wore the Obama hoop earrings out in NYC and was photographed by paparazzi.  Since then, Erika’s sales have sky rocketed with orders coming in from all over the world.

The earrings currently sell for $32 a pair, so if you are pro-Obama, get them while you can. Nothing says support like gold hoops hanging from your earlobes. Just be careful some crazy anti-Obama supporter doesn’t try to rip them out of your ears. Seems the last few days leading up to the election has left some people a little more nasty than usual.

Would you wear earrings supporting your nominee? High fashion or totally tacky?

Photo Source: Erika Pena Shop

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