Belle Helmets Making Staying Safe Look Cool

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Belle Helmets Making Staying Safe Look Cool

If you have a son or daughter who is an avid cyclist, you’ve probably noticed that kids don’t like to wear helmets once they’ve reached a certain age. Apparently, safety isn’t cool when you’re young and convinced you are indestructible.

Nevertheless, about 300,000 kids go to the emergency department every year due to bicycle related injuries. About 10,000 of these children need to spend at least one day in the hospital.

To get people of all ages to wear their helmets, illustrator Danielle Baskin launched Belle Helmets. Belle Helmets provides hand painted helmets in a variety of fun and unique designs. There are helmets inspired by famous paintings, tarot card helmets, and fruit and vegetable themed helmets.

Ms. Baskin also takes custom requests if you have a specific design idea in mind. My personal favorite helmet, however, is the solar system design featured in this post. My son loves all things associated with outer space, so this helmet seems like the perfect fit for his personality.

Belle Helmets are painted using non-toxic acrylic paints and water-based varnishes on CPSC-certified helmets. The SGS Consumer Testing Services states that applying material to helmets is safe as long as the surface is able to skid and no corrosive materials are used.

Belle Helmets are not cheap, but they’d be worth the expense if they could convince your child to stay safe while biking. They are also so distinctive that they’d be impossible to lose.

What do you think of Belle Helmets? Would your child like a custom painted bicycle helmet?

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