Bamboobies: A Solution for Leaks and Sore Boobs!

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Bamboobies: A Solution for Leaks and Sore Boobs!

We’ve all had it happen. We’re out and about and suddenly look down, only to realize the front of our shirt is soaked.

We’ve sprung a leak. And not only is it a sticky mess, it’s embarrassing.

Or, if you’re new to nursing, you’re raw, sore, and ready to give up on nursing. And those scratchy throw-away nursing pads?

Forget it. They’re for the birds. When it comes to leaks, they become a gelled up mess. As for being gentle on your most tender parts? Good luck with that.

And so goes the story of Kerry Gilmartin, the creator of Bamboobies. The reusable nursing pads made of super-soft organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. Naturally wicking, they keep leaks away from your skin so your breasts stay dry and less irritated. Add in fleece backing for extra protection and you have a product that any nursing mom should have.

Hands down, these are the best nursing pads out there.

After you’ve used them, just toss them in the wash.

When I was nursing L, I used something similar, but it was admittedly of my own creation and out of desperation. Not only that, it took me a while to figure out the best mix of materials and then additional time to sew them. This time, I’m just buying them. At $30 for a 3-pack, it’s well worth the investment.

The Bamboobies webshop also sells Boob-Ease (an all-natural nipple cream) and the Boob-Ease Soothing Therapy Pillows that are filled with flaxseeds and can be thrown in the freezer for some all-natural relief.

I’m all about the Bamboobies; how about you?

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