Back-to-School: Clever {and Healthy!} Lunch Ideas

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Back-to-School: Clever {and Healthy!} Lunch Ideas

Healthy lunches can be hard to make day in and day out but I can tell you as a one time public school teacher that the school lunch alternatives are not always pretty, so committing to packing your kids lunch – if you are able, is best.

It’s not to say the schools do not have healthy options each day…they just usually have pizza, too…nearly everyday. If you had to choose pizza or a light chicken option, which one would you go for as a kid?

Below you will find a plethora of healthy lunch box ideas and options to help you meet your healthy lunch packing goals this upcoming school year.

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I am so inspired by’s Project Lunchbox series that they ran last year in September. By going through this series, you can get the ball rolling for this fall in no time. All of the ideas are healthy, free of processed foods and will make you feel like you’re knocking this parenting gig out of the park.

Over at I found a forum focused completely on frugal lunches and snacks – it includes everything from homemade Uncrustables and Lunchables to thermos lunch ideas. You’ll love the pages and pages of ideas from parents that will help you think outside of the box and get you and your kids out of the lunch-making rut.

Another fantastic site for creative lunches is This Lunch Rox. The site owner is a photographer based in the midwest who realized she was feeling sluggish, craving all the wrong things and just plain eating poorly and vowed to change her ways. Through that came her site This Lunch Rox where she shares creative and healthy lunch ideas.

I’m all about working hard to feed my kids healthy and offers a whole site dedicated to that concept. My favorite post? The one where it offers ideas for making rainbow inspired lunch boxes. How fun is that?

Other ideas you’ll love:

Healthy lunches are a commitment, but they’re worth it and I hope that by compiling these resources, I’ve helped you get a little closer to reaching your goal of feeding your kids healthier meals each day.

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  • Emily (CityBaby Living)

    Thanks for all the great ideas! Since my daughter has been in daycare from day 1, (break this last year) I’m already sick of lunches and she’s just starting kindergarten in the fall! I can’t wait until she’s old enough to pack her own. How many years is that?