Baby Hashtag: The Future of Social Media

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Baby Hashtag: The Future of Social Media

Baby Hashtag Jameson has arrived in the world, or that is what Facebook would have us believe. I’m still skeptical.

I’ve heard some outlandish names for babies before, and I am usually of the name and let live opinion, but I think we’ve all gone too far and that is saying something because I know a woman named Velveeta. I thought I had seen and heard just about everything.

Parents have every right to name their children whatever they want to. Hell, if you create a baby out of thin air and house and grow it for 9/10 months, you deserve to call it whatever you want, BUT you should at the very least consider that the kid would have to live with that name.

Naming your kid Hashtag is like inviting people to pick on him or her. Poor kid.

What if someone in the 80’s had the bright idea to name their kid Floppy Disc or Cassette and now no one knows what the hell that even means? Your child will have to go through life explaining that their parents were immature and maybe even high when they named their kid after a social media tool.

When I had my daughters, I wanted something that was classic and timeless with meaning. I’m not so crazy for trendy, unless it is in clothes. I prefer to send my children out into the world with names that demand respect, not snickers behind their back.

Of course, we all have different reasons for naming our children what we do and I respect that. I mean, maybe Velveeta cheese had a special and deep meaning to Velveeta’s mom. What do I know?

I would suspect that if you are naming your child Hashtag, you are not just choosing it because you think it sounds beautiful. I’m thinking that in a world where celebrities are naming their children after fruits and modes of transportation, nothing is off limits.

But when you name your kid something so outlandish that it makes the national news, maybe you had planned for it to go viral from the beginning?

I wonder what they plan on calling sweet little Hashtag? Hash? Tag? Who knows? Will this start a craze of naming children after social media tools? Ampersand? @? Timeline? Status Update? Like? Facebook? Pinterest? Linkedin? Google+? It seems nothing is off limits these days.

I’ll stick with the timeless names. In 20 years when my girls are adults, I want them to be left with actual names not named after obsolete social media terms. I mean seriously, I am sure that 60 year old woman who was named 8Track wishes her parents had not been high and thought it was funny to give her that name.

It reminds me of when I was 20 and my mom strongly suggesting that I not get that Blackhawks NHL team Indian tattooed on top of my foot. I was big into hockey; at the time I was dating a guy who played hockey.

I thought she was crazy, but when I went to get the tattoo, all I could hear in my head was my mom’s voice warning,” How are you going to feel in 20 years when you are at black tie event wearing a fancy evening gown and heels with a stupid NHL logo on the top of your foot?”

That was enough to change my mind and you know, I’m 40 now and I am so glad that I don’t have a giant NHL logo on top of my foot.

Maybe I should let my mom have a sit down with some of these parents before they decide to name their children? What’s the craziest baby name you have ever heard of?

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  • Penny W.

    My mom asked my child about his friends in school. Was there a Tommy, Mary, Sammy, Cindy, Julie, Jonathan, Michael or Susie in the mix? Nope. Hardly a name you could even guess at spelling correctly, and half of them didn’t give any clue as to gender, either. Hopefully more parents will swing back to classic and traditional names sometime soon.

    Hashtag is just riduculous. And apparently they had to impliment a law in New Zealand against stupid baby names after some parents tried to name their baby Sex Fruit or something like that. Sheesh.

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