Baby Developmental Milestones the First 3 Months

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Baby Developmental Milestones the First 3 Months

When I first came home from the hospital with my new baby, I couldn’t help but think of how helpless she was. So small, so dependent on me.

I took pictures each week to mark her growth. She was born on the 12th, and once she reached four weeks, I made sure to take pictures on the 12th of each month. Little did I realize, I’d capture baby developmental milestones in the process. 

One Month

By one month, she was starting to lift her head when she was on her stomach. She’d look at my face when I talked to her and responded to my voice. She was starting to follow objects but didn’t really stayed focused.

My favorite is that she started to vocalize. Her sweet little ooh and aah kept me talking to her more. She’d even try to smile, but I’m told that is an advanced skill for one month old.

Two Months Old

Smiling at two months

Two Months

By the time my daughter was two months old, her tiny noises became coos and gurgles. I loved it.

She was so much more alert, noticing things and people that entered her field of vision, including her hands. Not that she could really do anything with them. It’s like she noticed them and started to realize they were part of her. So cute!

Now there was not doubt. She smiled! And she could hold her head up more. Not for very long, but her neck was growing stronger. 

Three Months

By three months, my little girl recognized my face. She acted happy to see me. Along with cooing, she would actually let out a little squeal and move her arms with excitement. She followed movement with her eyes, and blew bubbles.

I had her picture taken professionally at three months. My favorite pose was with her on her stomach, holding her head up, with a droplet of drool dangling on her bottom lip. 

I couldn’t help but think of how much she had changed in such a short time. 

Photo credits: Mrs. Flinger, LizMarie_AK

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