Video: Are Girls’ Halloween Costumes Pushing The Limits?

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Halloween costumes are a great way for kids to have fun expressing themselves and their creativity, but sometimes what they want to wear can cross the line – especially for girls.

Video: More Parenting – Less Micromanaging

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Dr. Koplow talks to Steven Sussman, Ph.D, about the problems of parent micromanagement.

Video: Introducing Solid Food to Babies

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Claire and Lucy give you some top tips and recipes for kids and babies. In the first episode of this series, they talk about weaning.

Video: Twins Born 39 Days Apart

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Hear the story of one woman’s identical twin sons who were born 39 days apart. And, OB-GYNs Dr. Idries and Dr. Ramil Abdur-Rahman explain how it’s possible for this to happen.

Video: My Child Is Being Made Fun of at School

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Parenting expert Alyson Schafer gives some tips on what to do when your child is being teased at school.

Video: Protecting Your Children from Sex Offenders on Halloween

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Halloween is a time of year when many kids do something they usually aren’t allowed to do – go knock on a random door and talk to strangers. And that can be scary for parents. Luckily there are some things you can do to keep your kids safe while they trick-or-treat.

Video: Tips For Helping Kids Develop A Positive Body Image

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Cultivating a positive body image is important for everyone. But it is especially important to impart this type of positivity into kids at a young age. One expert shares some tips for helping your kids develop a positive body image.

Video: Overcoming ‘Mommy Guilt’: What to Feed Your Baby

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Research suggests some food allergies, eczema & other ailments can be avoided by delaying solid foods until six months. But try telling that to the grandma who started you on rice cereal at four weeks! We discuss safe ways to introduce solid foods.

Video: Clinton Family Takes Baby Charlotte Home from Hospital

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Chelsea Clinton was beaming as she carried new baby Charlotte out of Lenox Hill Hospital into a waiting car. Accompanying her were proud husband, Marc Mezvinsky and parents Bill and Hillary Clinton. Chelsea Clinton announced the arrival of Charlotte on social media.