Video: Military Dad Surprises His 5 Kids at School, Each Reacts Differently

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School went from boring to the best day ever when a father returned home early from deployment to surprise his kids at school. Sean Dowling has the details.

Video: Nine Ways to Protect Your Kids from Hidden Household Dangers

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Mindy Walker from ‘American Baby’ shares easy ways to make your home a safer place for you family.

Video: How These Fathers’ Decision to ‘Flex’ Is Redefining The Workplace

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Flex time isn’t just for mothers. The majority of fathers surveyed by Working Mother magazine share not just a desire-but a determination- to have work flexibility so they can spend time taking care of their families and supporting their partners.

Video: Junk Food Ads and Kids

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If you’ve got kids watching TV, you’ve got kids watching junk food ads. Companies spend billions of dollars promoting sweet cereals, soda, and fast food to the most impressionable viewers. Help steer your kids away from all the unhealthy marketing.

Video: Is That Normal: My Kids Fight Constantly!

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Parenting expert Alyson Schafer dishes on what to do if your kids are always fighting with each other.

Video: My Kid Won’t Eat Any Vegetables

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Parenting expert Alyson Schafer talks about what you can do when your child refuses to eat vegetables.

Video: The Tired Question This Dad Wishes You’d Stop Asking

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Ariel Chesler joins Nancy to explain why it’s annoying when people ask him if he’s going to “try for a boy”.

Video: 3 Tips for Teaching Kids About Managing Money

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When it comes to money, a little planning can amount to a lot….and it is never too young to start. How to teach your child to save, invest, given and spend their money responsibly.

Video: The Everyday Eco Super Momma

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Molly Sims and her guest Robyn Casady share their tips for making your own eco-friendly, green household cleaning solutions at home, including an all-natural vinegar-based cleansing spray.