Video: Important Tips for New Dads

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Author and dad expert Chris Pegula shares some great tips for new dads. Chris, who’s better known as ‘The Diaper Dude,’ discusses fears that are common amongst new dads. Chris also offers useful tips for dads looking for comfort in their new roles and shows some masculine products created specifically for new dads.

Video: How to Pick Children’s Summer Reading Books

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With summer here, many parents are on their own selecting books and the right reading levels for their children. WSJ’s Cecilie Rohwedder joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.

Video: What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

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Think twice before you make these comments to a pregnant woman.

Video: Clues to the Right Career for Your Child

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New studies show that young adults are taking longer than ever to begin their careers. Experts say there are steps parents can take early on to help reverse the trend and raise kids who are ready to work.

Video: 3 Ways to Instill a Healthy Body Image in Your Child

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Learn how to instill a healthy body image in your children and not make your kids fall short of expectations.

Video: Military Dad Meets His Twins for First Time

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A military dad met his infant twins for the first time just days before Father’s Day.

Video: How Becoming a Dad Changes You

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Musician and digital strategist Conrad Doucette answers “How Has Becoming a Father Put Your Life in a New Perspective?” Doucette finds his life change immediately and in big ways and he embraces it fully. Having a child opens doors to a deeper level of love than he has ever experienced. He finds his experiences serve as a reference library to help him be a better dad and husband.

Video: Doctor Offers Colic Advice to New Parents

Posted on Jul 17, 2014 by No Comments

Dr. Ricky Gondhia answers common questions about colic.

Video: Can You Raise Better and Happier Children?

Posted on Jul 16, 2014 by No Comments

Can you raise better, happier children? Richard Greenberg, father and author of ‘Raising Children Other People Like to Be Around,’ joins Tanya Rivero to offer parenting tips on how to do that.

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