An Easy Way to Make Cute Homemade Cookies

Posted on Nov 27, 2012 by 2 Comments
An Easy Way to Make Cute Homemade Cookies

I appreciate beautifully decorated cookies, but I’ve never been very good at decorating cookies on my own. Anything more complicated than adding frosting and sprinkles is beyond my abilities.

However, with the letterpress cookie cutters on the Greener Grass Design website, I think even I could manage to make impressive looking cookies.

The set includes all of the letters and each cutter is double sided. One side is for punching out the shape and the other side is for adding the letter.

The finished cookies can be left plain or frosted, depending upon how much time you want to spend on your baking project.

Since the set includes all 26 letters of the alphabet, plus an exclamation point and an ampersand, there are lots of possibilities for using these treats.

For example:

  • Write a message like “Merry Christmas” to make an edible cookie centerpiece for a holiday party.
  • Use the cookies as decorations on a cake. For example, you could make a fun birthday cake by spelling out your son or daughter’s name.
  • Surprise your significant other with box of cookies that spell a racy message. (Didn’t Grandma always say the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach?)
  • Use them to make snacks for a child’s ABC themed party.
  • Use your child’s initials to make a monogrammed sandwich for a bento lunch.

If you’re crafty, another cute use for these cookie cutters would be to make salt dough ornaments, magnets, or paperweights.

This would be a cheap but unique gift for grandparents, teachers, and daycare providers.

What do you think of this letterpress cookie cutter set?

Photo credit: Greener Grass Design

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  • Julie C.

    Very nice! Lots of ways to use them. Only once did I try this sort of thing and made moulded chocolate letters to top cupcakes that spelled out, “Happy 4th Birthday, Kiddo” for my son’s class. That was an adventure. But a cookie press might have been a lot more simple.

  • modernbaby

    With my girls so into spelling right now, these would be perfect