Always a Good Time To Find A LBD at Banana Republic

Posted on Sep 27, 2011 by 4 Comments
Always a Good Time To Find A LBD at Banana Republic

Personally, I think little black dresses (aka LBD) should be more Audrey Hepburn than Lindsay Lohan – emphasis on the ‘dress’ and not on the ‘little.’ But it’s hard to find a good LBD that isn’t boring and too simple to be stunning. For me, anyway, it is. I figure, wrongly, that to be universal and appropriate for many an occasion, it must not be trendy.

Well, I don’t think I’m wrong so much as misguided. There are plenty LBDs that are both on trend and simply sophisticated. Banana Republic, a brand I love but unfortunately I love it so much I’m tired of it, has a great new section called…Little Black Dresses.

Here’s a sampling of the Banana Republic dresses:

Now it might be a tad early in the season to really start looking for ‘party’ dresses, but file this little tidbit away for when you do need to find that perfect dress. I think there might just be something for every woman here, with every type of figure.

Oh, and while you’re perusing, you’ve just gotta check out Banana’s new ‘Mad Men‘collection. Just stunning. I wish I worked in an office, just so I could wear some of these things.

photo credit: Banana Republic

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  • Adventures In Babywearing

    I love that 3rd one. I found a great LBD at Ann Taylor not too long ago- not too youthful and not too “old”, but I’ve still yet to wear it anywhere!


  • Living The Scream

    I like the third one as well. Those are cute. I like how you mentioned you did not love the little part of an lbd. I agree. I have a black dress and I love how it makes me look a little thinner. maybe it is just in my head lol

  • Julie C.

    Maybe we all like the third one because a) we’re getting too old for strapless and b) she’s the model who looks like a real woman rather than a hungry teenager. :D

    Always on the lookout for a LBD that covers the shoulders and hits the knee. You’re right, structure is the most important element of a LBD.

  • Jenny L

    Julie, you make me giggle and you are always right. Indeed, this woman in number three looks vibrant, not nerdy naked. I love these, if I had the figure. Go figure. I should try them on and see which works. For that I need to head to the mall.