A Royal Heir Changes Everything

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A Royal Heir Changes Everything

Most royal enthusiasts are aware that Kate Middleton’s parents make their living with their mail-order party supply store. The same company that they founded 25- years ago.

It is no surprise that Michael and Carole Middleton came out with a new line of royal baby merchandise at their party supply company with a royal theme. It just happened to coincide with the announcement that their daughter and her royal husband are expecting the future heir to the throne.

I’d call that good timing and smart business; unfortunately, for the Middletons, it has prompted the world to speculate that they are trying to cash in on their daughter’s pregnancy. 

I think it is something else entirely. I know that when I was pregnant, I had baby on the brain all the time. I also know that my mother-in-law, who was expecting her first grandchild as a direct result of my pregnancy, had babies on the brain, as well.

You see, when something is relevant and important to you, it infiltrates every facet of your life. I think the Middletons coming out with their party line has more to do with it being relevant to their point in life right now than a conspiracy to cash in on their grandchild.

It’s not like they are the Kardashians. They’ve given us no reason to be suspicious of them. Let’s just let them enjoy this very special time in their life.

Why would it be so surprising, anyways, that a British party supply company would come out with pertinent party supplies coinciding with one of the most important events in current royal history? It would be remiss if they didn’t carry a royal themed product. Then I would be suspicious.

The royal family fascinates people. Is it Kate Middleton’s parents fault that they happen to be the parents of the expectant mother of the next heir to the throne? No, they have done nothing wrong.

I’m sure they asked permission from their daughter and son-in-law to make sure they didn’t step on any royal toes or invade their privacy and I am certain that there would be no royal themed nothing had the Queen mom said no.

If anything it’s kind of awesome that the Middletons are the actual grandparents of an actual heir to the throne; it lends some authenticity to the royal theme.

Besides, am I wrong in thinking that royal themed baby supplies have been around as long as people have been having babies and using paper products? I’m pretty sure that my own daughters both had “little Princess” first birthdays and baby showers.

Honestly, don’t all new parents and grandparents adhere to the belief that their baby is a little prince or princess? It just so happens that the Middletons really do have a little princess or prince that they will be welcoming in a few months.

I say we all just say congratulations and let these grandparents-to-be gush all they want. It’s not everyday that you become a grandparent for the first time.

What do you think? Are the Middleton’s greedy grandparents cashing in on their new grandbaby or just new grandparents eager and excited to meet their newest addition?

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  • Ruby T.

    I think if it’s a generic crown with “Little Princess” on it then it can’t be much of an issue, and it’s only unusual their company didn’t already have something similar already. If, however, it looks like the real royal crown or insignia or standards the Royals use, then it should raise eyebrows. Has anyone seen the actual merchandise?