61-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Twins

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61-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Twins

As a woman, I know many of us live by a certain set of unwritten rules. One of those being that we, usually, plan to have our children before we reach the age of 35.

For me, 35 was the magic number because every book I read and most doctors will tell you that after the age of 35, the probability of genetic defects rises. I didn’t put too much stock into that theory, especially since I had an OB/GYN who told me that it wouldn’t be a concern.

I had gone through two uneventful and easy pregnancies in my 30’s with no issue, but still it was in the back of my head.

Of course, many women are having their children later in life these days, due to careers. Honestly, I wasn’t ready until I was in my 30’s. If I would have had my girls earlier, I don’t think I would have been as equipped to handle it.

I was still very immature in a lot of ways and my husband and I were moving around the country, so around 30 is when we started wanting to take root in life. I guess some women get that urge to settle down a little later or the timing is not right, or maybe it just doesn’t happen earlier.

A Brazilian woman, Antonia Leticia Rovati Asti, gave birth for the first time ever to twins a week after turning 61. What? I was wondering how this was even possible.

The really late-life pregnancy was possible with the help of Dr. Orlando de Castro Neto, an assisted reproduction specialist. Her doctor said, “The age didn’t matter at all. The only condition is that a woman has a uterus.”

Of course, Asti’s 10-year-old frozen embryos that were left over from a failed in-vitro fertilization attempt in 2002, fertilized with her husband’s sperm, didn’t hurt either.

” Embryos have a validity of 10 years, more or less,” Neto said, “and they were reaching their end. She said she wanted to use them for a new attempt.”

Now that the twins have been born, Dr. Neto thinks Antonia’s greatest challenge will be society’s perception surrounding women who give birth late in life. That stigma did not affect his decision whether or not to help her.

Antonia initially approached Neto with her desire to become a mother in 1992. After several unsuccessful efforts to become pregnant, Antonia decided to adopt but was rejected because of her age.

Yes, it is concerning that she is 61 with newborns. I was in my 30’s and babies take a lot out of a new mother. More concerning than that is, what if something happens to her? At best, she might make it until the children are 30.

It seems that is a little selfish on her part. Her children will not get to share their children with her. She may not be around to see them graduate from college or get married. Of course, any one of us could die at anytime.

I can understand her desire to be a mother. She has been trying for 20 years to have a baby. I’m sure that she hoped but didn’t really expect to get pregnant with her 10 year old embryos.

I wish this family all the luck and blessings in the world, they will probably need it.

What do you think of women having babies at such an advanced maternal age?

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