6 Best Things About My Updated Kitchen

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6 Best Things About My Updated Kitchen

I love to work in my kitchen and as a food writer I do a lot of cooking. We updated my kitchen last year and I love the new look, although we are still working on it. Black and white tile, a black granite inset in the counter for working with dough, and lots of drawers. Still, with all of the things that we added there are still a few more things I want to get – someday.

One of the first questions people ask me is, “What are the most important things in your kitchen?”

So, here are the things I use most, love most, and think are essential to my kitchen successes.

Granite Inset

When we renovated the kitchen we chose black and white tiles to save money and because they looked like they belonged in my 100 year old house. I was concerned because I roll out a lot of pie dough and knead a lot of bread – you need a smooth surface for those things. My husband the engineer came to the rescue. He suggested we get a large slab of black granite to inset into the countertop. That way we’d have the affordability of tile but I’d still have a place to take care of bread and pastry. I love it so much. It looks fabulous and gives the kitchen a custom look.

Double Oven

I don’t see how people live without a double oven. Much of the time I am trying to get a casserole baked at 375F and biscuits baked at 425F. Without two ovens one would be cold by the time the other was ready. My oven has a bread proofing setting and if you bake bread I really do recommend it. It is wonderful.

Five Burner Gas Stove

The range that we had was electric but I wanted a gas stove because they are much better for the serious cook – you can more easily control your temperature. Since we had an electric water heater and heating system it wasn’t much trouble to plumb it for gas. There are four normal size burners and one huge burner for large stockpots and such.

Deep Double Sink

I hate stainless steel sinks, at least the cheap kinds that are generally put in houses. My sink is a huge, old fashioned enamel over cast iron sink. It has two basins so I can wash large pots and pans and rinse them without having to let the soapy water out of the sink and refilling it with rinse water.

An Electric Wall

The peninsula counter has about an eight inch raised bar that is perfect for the kids to sit at and talk to me while I am fixing dinner. Along the kitchen side of that bar is a wall of electrical outlets. There are about five of them along the length of the peninsula. No matter what I am doing or how much I am cooking I have enough room for every appliance I own.

Built in Spice Shelves

Next to the stove is built in spice shelving. When we created the housing for the new oven we created an alcove and added glass shelves. Now my herbs and spices are right at my fingertips whenever I need them. It’s all about convenience and efficiency! For Christmas this year I got a vintage milk glass spice set with red tops. I absolutely love it and it looks great on the shelves.

If you are remodeling or updating the kitchen think about adding some of those things if they fit into your lifestyle and fit your needs.

What do you have in your kitchen that you couldn’t live without?

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  • Ruby T.

    I need more outlets and a special drawer or space just for spices! My spices take up too much precious cabinet space! Does anyone else have this problem?

  • http://www.momhomeguide.com/ MomHomeGuide

    I would love to have built-in spice shelves — they should make them standard in every kitchen! I never have enough space for my spices. Plus, I am sure we could all use more outlets, what with all our mini appliances, etc.