5 Month Old Baby Swallows Pacifier

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Baby with pacifier

When my kids were infants, I thought about whether or not I wanted to use a pacifier. At the time, my thinking was pointed more at having a habit to break down the road. Not using a pacifier negated the need for such a battle, but never did I wonder if the pacifier would be a choking hazard.

Michigan mom Adrienne Herrick didn’t think so either until she got a call from her daycare. Her five-month-old son, Cameron, was at the hospital in critical condition. Somehow he had achieved the impossible. His infant pacifier was lodged in his throat.

Doctors at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, MI, took immediate steps to save the baby, but they couldn’t remove the pacifier. Dr. Angel Chudler admitted, “It was the scariest case in my 10 years of practicing.”

Pacifiers are used by the majority of parents, and many hospitals give them out as part of the take home package for new parents. They often sooth a fussy baby and help them to fall asleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) even recommends the use of pacifiers for babies up to a year old at bedtime or when napping because studies suggest they reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Cameron’s mom has a hard time understanding how her son could swallow such a large object. According to SaferProducts.gov, he is not the first.

If a baby swallows a pacifier, it becomes life-threatening. Doctors told Fox2 Detroit that Cameron was turning gray and his heart rate was dropping. The pacifier slipped farther down his throat with every breath. Doctors inserted a needle into his trachea to deliver life-saving oxygen around the pacifier and took him to surgery.

Cameron is now 7 months old, and he no longer uses a pacifier. According to Mom, his grandma threw them all away. Instead, the baby sucks his thumb and his mom is fine with that. She told the Huffington Post,”It’s a day he’ll never remember and a day I’ll never forget.”

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