5 Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Your Kids

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Decorating Easter eggs is one of my favorite parts of the holiday. We end up eating a lot of eggs in April, but it’s a cheap way to keep my son occupied for a few hours.

Here are 5 clever egg decorating techniques you can try with your kids:

  1. Thumbprint Eggs: If your kids are too little to fully participate in egg decorating, I love this idea! Use your child’s thumbprint to decorate a plain white egg with a cute barnyard animal or smiley face design.
  2. Watercolor Letters: My son and I did this when he was in kindergarten, so it should be an easy technique for most children. Make a cute display by spelling out your child’s name with a letter on each egg.
  3. Rubber Band Easter Eggs: Wrapping rubber bands around your eggs before dipping them in dye gives you a fun striped effect. Older kids can experiment with mixing colors by dipping the egg in a base color, wrapping a rubber band around it, and then dipping it in a second dye color.
  4. Temporary Tattoo Eggs: If your kids have a large collection of temporary tattoos, try seeing how the designs stick to your Easter eggs. I’ve found that this works best with smaller tattoos because bigger designs tend to get distorted when they’re wrapped around the egg.
  5. Sharpie Eggs: This is probably my son’s favorite way to decorate Easter eggs. We have a large collection of Sharpie markers and doodling designs on our eggs seems to be less messy than most other decorating methods.

What are your favorite egg decorating ideas?

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