31 Bits Helps Lift Ugandan Women Out of Poverty

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31 Bits Helps Lift Ugandan Women Out of Poverty

If you’re looking for a little something to jazz up your wardrobe, check out the selection of gorgeous beaded necklaces and bracelets at 31 Bits.

My favorite item in the 31 Bits collection is the Daphne bracelet shown in this post.

I love the simple design and the bright colors of the beads. They are designed to be worn alone or stacked together and come in your choice of Burgundy, Neon Yellow, Grey, Forest Green, and Seafoam. At just $10 each, they are the perfect little treat for yourself or a friend. (If you buy five bracelets, the price drops to $9!)

Kallie Dovel founded 31 Bits after she traveled to Uganda in the summer of 2007. During her time in Uganda, she noticed many women making beautiful paper beads. The women were very talented, but needed help bringing their ideas to the global marketplace.

Through 31 Bits, they have the opportunity to earn an income that will help them better provide for themselves and their children. In addition to selling beaded jewelry, the company provides literacy education, vocational training, and social support for Ugandan women who are working to lift their families out of poverty.

If you want proof of how a simple idea like selling handmade jewelry can transform the lives of so many people, check out the 31 Bits Designers page.

This page has photos and short bios of the women who work for the company. There is a mother who used her first check to buy a toy truck for each of her sons, a woman who can now afford the medicine she needs to treat her HIV, and several aspiring business owners.

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    I love 31 Bits. I have a necklace from them that is so unique, love that it’s for a good cause.