10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

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10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a lot of fun, but sometimes it can be a pain to try and decide what to get the mom-to-be. If you remember back to your own shower gifts, you’ll realize that your baby never wore many of the clothes because she outgrew them so fast, and some of the other items were things you never used.

Here is a list of ten of the best, most unique, or most important baby shower gifts you can give to any new mom.

Coupons for Babysitting

Whether the new mom wants to run to the grocery store for ten minutes or take a long nap after a rough night, babysitting coupons are always appropriate. Make your own booklet of coupons that your friend can use as she needs to without feeling guilty for calling on you for babysitting chores.

Housecleaning for a Month

One of the hardest things to do when you are adjusting to the new little one is to keep up with the chores. Having several friends pitch in for a month or more of housecleaning services will take a load off the new mom’s mind and allow her to concentrate on her family.

Freezer Meals

One of the best gifts I was ever in on was a freezer meal party. Several of us got together in my kitchen and created 30 different meals that we packed into freezer containers along with a resealable bag with instructions for warming up the dinner inside.

Play Mat

Every one of my children love to be on the floor on their play mats. There are things to touch, turn, look at and bat that will keep babies occupied long enough for mom to get a shower. Best of all, the activities help with motor skills and other development.


Buy a couple of packs of newborn diapers, a couple of packs of size ones, and then several packs of the crawler sizes. The new baby will be in the newborn sizes for only a few weeks but she will be in the crawler sizes for a long time.

Baby Sling

A sling allows the new mom to vacuum or shop hands free while the baby snuggles against her.  It is an amazing help once you get used to using it.


Babies go through a lot of sheets. When they are tiny, you change the sheets often because of spit up and leaky diapers. When they get older you change the sheets because the diapers soak through at night or your toddler learns to get naked. Lots of sheets mean that the laundry will not need to be done every day.


A cordless, hand held vacuum will allow you to clean up messes like crackers and cereal really fast without getting out a lot of equipment. You know, to keep things looking good between the housekeeper’s visits.

Addressed Thank You Notes

If you are the person throwing the shower, it is nice to buy thank you notes and then write the guests’ names and addresses on the envelopes. Add a stamp to each one and the new mom can use her meager free time to write a short note and seal the envelope.

Bubble Bath and Body Lotion

Let’s face it. Babies get all the attention and it is the mom that does all the work. Let everyone else get diapers and bibs while you buy an hour massage, a mani-pedi, or even some bubble bath for your friend.

It will help her to remember that she is not just a mom – and sometimes that is a difficult concept when you have a stack of dirty laundry on one side and Cheerios all over the floor on the other. Bubble bath, body lotion, massages, and mani-pedis are all things that will help her to relax and feel special.

What are your great ideas for shower gifts?

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