1 in 3 Kids with Food Allergies Bullied

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1 in 3 Kids with Food Allergies Bullied

Bullying is as old as mankind, and it used to be socially tolerated. Overweight kids, underweight kids, and less popular kids were often the target.

Now a new study reveals kids with food allergies are also vulnerable to the schoolyard bully.

In the study published in the journal Pediatrics, of 251 kids from the ages of 8-17, half of the children with food allergies said they had been bullied, and one-third said they had been mocked or teased because of food-related issues.

Kids reported bullying acts including other kids stuffing allergens into their mouth or throwing food at them. This is sad enough, but when the kids and parents were asked about it, half of the parents didn’t even know about it.

It is suggested as many as 8% of kids in the U.S. have been diagnosed with food allergies, so odds are that either your child or one of their classmates has a food allergy.

Those of us with kids who have food allergies need to talk with our kids and ask them regularly about whether or not anyone is giving them a hard time about the allergy.

It’s important, not just for their safety but because the study showed that when parents were aware, children who were bullied were less miserable. Talk with your kids to stop bullying now.

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