rude strangers

Video: What This Mom Learned After A Stranger Called Her Toddler ‘Fat’

To start, let’s be real: Bella is not fat, or even remotely overweight. She’s not rail-thin like Phaedra, but how many kids are? Bella is…

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Use Artkick to Turn Your TV into a Home Art Gallery

If you have an Internet connected TV, the free Artkick app can turn your TV into a digital frame for a collection of world class…

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teens and social media

Is Stalking Your Teen on Social Media OK?

Teenager’s today have so much more technology and so much less freedom than when I was a teenager in the Dark Ages that it’s sad.…

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backpack pain

Video: Protect Your Kids Against Backpack-Related Injuries

School is back in session which means more books, binders, and bigger backpacks. But be careful! Your kid’s backpack may be doing more damage than…

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