military dad home

Video: Military Dad Surprises His 5 Kids at School, Each Reacts Differently

School went from boring to the best day ever when a father returned home early from deployment to surprise his kids at school. Sean Dowling…

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autism in pregnancy

Autism May Begin During the Second Trimester

Autism is on the rise. One in eight children has been diagnosed with some degree of it. No one has been able to say exactly…

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baby in car seat

Car Seats and Winter Coats Can Be Deadly

It’s 20 degrees and windy when you realize that you need milk. You throw on a heavy coat and wrestle your wiggly toddler into his…

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house dangers

Video: Nine Ways to Protect Your Kids from Hidden Household Dangers

Mindy Walker from ‘American Baby’ shares easy ways to make your home a safer place for you family.

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